Sunday, February 28, 2010


Let us not forget there are more important things than hockey games and those things sometimes bind Americans and Canadians together.  An example:
Dear Michael Yon,
Today we were sent your story of February 14, 2010. The “unknown” Canadian is our son Danny.  He is a 23-year-old soldier from Vancouver, Canada.

Your photographs were extraordinary and have impacted so many people here in Canada. There has been an outpouring of affection for the Americans who helped Danny in his moment of need.  For that, we thank you for recording these acts of kindness into history.

Danny's injuries were the result of an explosion on February 12, 2010. Four Canadian soldiers were injured and tragically one Canadian soldier was killed.  Within 20 minutes of the explosion, Danny was airlifted by helicopter to Kandahar.  Upon arrival he received emergency surgery that saved his life and prepared him for the flight to Bagram that you were on. 
Now go read the whole thing, including the backstory linked at the bottom of the post.  You'll be glad you did.

h/t: Lex.


  1. Historians will rank Mike Yon as the Ernie Pyle of his era.

  2. United by hearts and country... divided by hockey.

    Great post Buck.

  3. Buck, thanks for posting this. I know you're looking at that hockey thing right now...but I've got a bunch of Canuck friends that will appreciate this.

    Go USA! And, Go Canada! I don't have a dog in the fight...but it's always fun to watch one.

    Heh! The Germans have taken over WV: derfingl

    Taking a screenshot...

  4. WWW: Yup... I agree completely. I've read a lot of Iraq and Af blogs and Yon is the best, by far.

    KC & Andy: Thanks.

    Heh. "der fing vasn't vat ve hoped it vould be!"


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