Friday, January 22, 2010

Warm Ain't Everything...

... but it IS semi-amusing to watch the tumbleweeds rush by the overturned deck chairs outside my window.  We appear to have a bumper crop of t-weeds this year, but it's nothing like this.  Yet.

Needless to say it's yet another day where I'm stuck in the house.  What DID we do on days like this before al-Gore invented the innernets?

Update, 1330 hrs.:  I had to make two trips outdoors to retrieve flying deck chairs before I figgered out a way to secure them for good.  I also managed to get the danged things before they wound up in the next county, lucky me.  Ah, well.  This too shall pass.


  1. The same things we were doing before Al Gore invented Global Warming! HA

  2. Why can't you go out if it's 63 degrees?? I'm not understanding that part. I mean, I know you said it's windy, but it's 63 degrees!!

    Seems so nice to be inside, tho, in the winter. All that "nesting" stuff that I love to do -- well, I do!!! And then you can do lots of baking and watch movies! (And then take a nap.) :)

  3. RLL: And those were? ;-)

    Kath: You'd have to experience this to understand. It's hard to even stand up in wind like this, and then there's the dust to consider... which gets in everything, beginning with your eyes. The High Plains is a very arid climate, almost like the desert. My first-time visitors (when conditions are like this) always say "Damn! How can you LIVE here?" The answer, of course, is that it's not always like this. But it really sucks when it is.

  4. What did we do before the internet?

    We went to all you can eat pizza and drank beer. That's what we did before the 'net.

    Oh, and looked for the ten cent drink place. And chased wimmens.

  5. And chased wimmens.

    Heh. Mebbe I should head out to Wally-World and leer at a few housewives. On second thought, I'd just get the shi'ite slapped out o' me, at best. I don't wanna think about worst-case scenarios. ;-)

  6. Yeah Kath, you gotta understand...lightweight guys like Buck don't fare well when the wind gets past "gentle breeze." Trust me. I know.

    Buck, before Al Gore invented the internet we were all working for a living, and had PLENTY to do.

    Now, a bunch of us are either retired, or work from home (like I do), and avail ourselves of his wonderful creation. Sharp guy, that Al is...

    I guess retired folks used to watch the soaps, or the game shows, or read books. We're doing the same thing...just through a different medium, I guess.

  7. Those nesting things -- among my favorites, too. And curling up under the covers with a warm puppy anchoring them down just isn't the same with a Kindle or a laptop as it is with a good old-fashioned tree-killing book or newspaper!

  8. I understand wind. Your lawn chair blew by here yesterday.

  9. Andy sez: before Al Gore invented the internet we were all working for a living, and had PLENTY to do.

    Heh. My traffic peaks M-F between the hours of 0700 - 1700 local and drops off significantly on the weekends. I understand taking a break at work, but... ;-)

    Moogie: I ain't gonna be curling up with a Kindle any time soon, unless they cut the price by half.

    Lou: So THAT's where it went!


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