Friday, January 29, 2010

The Sun Peeked Through

But only briefly.  We did manage to get a couple of pics before Ol' Sol went back behind the clouds...

My cherry tree.  Forgive the solar flare, please.  Click for larger if ya wanna.

And icy fingers reaching for the sky...

We are ever-so-pleased we only got a little bit of ice, yanno?  We continue to keep an eye out and there's a distinct possibility we may get more sun before the day is done.

Update 1540 hrs:  Three more.

I particularly like the effect of the sun on the ice here; it's like hundreds of little white Christmas lights.  You really should embiggen this one.

It's just SO danged pretty when the sun hits the ice.


  1. The ice is so beautiful, especially when you have sun! But, the poor trees.

    Just starting to snow here - has been in the mountains all day....

  2. Really really beautiful shots

  3. Snowing here now this morning. Really, really hoping we don't get that ice like you have. Pretty to look at.

  4. Darling Daughter in Wichita said they had about seven inches of snow on Thursday/night/Friday wee hours. Friday was a snow day for schools and the city and county fired up the emergency reporting plan for accidents. If no injuries and no alcohol involved go to the nearest Quik Trip and do the paperwork. Winter storms tend to mess things up in Sedgwick County and Wichita. Mostly because the ice shows up before the snowfall.

  5. Cynthia & Alison: Thanks.

    Kath: I hope you just get snow, too. K & Glenn: The ice sucks. BIG time.


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