Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Modeler's Craft Redux

Remember that video of the SR-71 RC model I posted a while back?  That was way-cool.  But this is even better and much more remarkable from a technical perspective... a model  V-22 Osprey that takes off vertically, hovers, and transitions to "airplane mode" while in flight, just like the Real Deal.  Witness:

Now that is just pretty danged impressive, innit?

h/t: Airpigz


  1. "Did it do what you wanted it to do?" - She didn't sound amazed by the feat!

  2. Impressive.

    Americans can pretty much do anything as long as the gubmint leaves us alone.

  3. Henri sez: She didn't sound amazed by the feat!

    I noticed that, too. And wondered "wife? or girlfriend?" If the latter, definitely not wife material. If the former... well, draw your own conclusions. ;-)

    Darryl: Agreed. We're both curious and industrious. And clever!

    Lou and Moogie: Agreed, in spades.

  4. So...did it crash several times, have drastically reduced performance, and go way overbudget (not to mention the cooking of the books that took place both at the contractor and the USMC to cover up said accidents/incidents)?

    If not, I think we should get these guys to do the next big procurement project. Would be a damn sight better than Boeing Vertol/Bell.

  5. I used to play this game called "Redneck Rampage" back in the Windows 95 days. There was a woman who giggled all the time, but you never saw her. Then I came into a room and there she was! She killed me dead. Then she said "Is that all there is?"

    If I was this guy, I'd run...

  6. "Mike: Heh."

    It'd be funny if it weren't I can only hope that those people make a model of the JSF (why they would do this given that it is basically a chubby, underpowered, less stealthy version of the F-22 is beyond me). Then I'll REALLY go off...:-p

  7. Henri: Some women are like that in Real Life. Your point is well-taken.

    Mike: I thought the truth in your first comment was what made it funny. As for the F-35... I'm thinking we're in for a long hard road where the Marines' variant is concerned. Prolly not so much with the A.


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