Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter is REALLY Here

"Here" in the time sense and not the geographical.  We're not looking bad on The High Plains of New Mexico (45 degrees and clear as the proverbial bell)... but the East Coast is getting its collective ass kicked:
A large swath of record and dangerous December snows to reach 10 to 15 inches or more are already burying major cities in the Mid-Atlantic and will soon take aim on southeast New York and southern new England.
The heaviest snows are forecast for northern Virginia including Washington DC, Maryland including Baltimore, and the Delaware Valley including Philadelphia where one to two feet of snow are possible.
So... I've been watching The WX Channel while making the blog-rounds this morning and the weather-pundits are acting like Christmas is here a week early.  Nothing new there, of course.  Severe weather is their raison d'être, innit?  


  1. I'm in Richmond and the official measurement on my deck is 8 1/2 inches - my sister lives closer to Charlottesville and as of this a.m. had 20 inches w/snow still falling. Love it.

  2. Yeah - our forecast here in southeast CT is 10-20 inches. And it's very cold so it will be light and fluffy.

    I'm hopeful for that as we have to travel to MA - about 50 miles - to see The Oracle's family tomorrow.

    We are hunkered down now - woodstove is running, plenty of gas for the generator, Jeep is in the garage so we don't have to clear it off tomorrow.

  3. I think the snow has driven everyone in Congress to the looney bin!

    Even though the ground is still a little soggy-ish, it's sunny and in the 50s here -- beautiful!

  4. Will try to have pictures up later with Jeff, but we have been declared in state of emergency, Natl. Guard has been called out, at least one of the larger counties has issued a "No civilian vehicles on the roads" decree, even Metro has shut down -- and, yes, it is still snowing. And snowing.

    I can only clear away part of the patio, just to get it away from the back doors,it's coming down too fast. Cleaned off front porch twice and shoveled just out to the driveway.

    And Kris is right, very light and fluffy and blowing like crazy.


  5. ojgirl, Kris and Kath: All y'all hang in there! And thanks for dropping in, oj. You might wanna reconsider your trip tomorrow, Kris. Just sayin'.

    Moogie: It's warmed up quite a bit here... and I'm on my way out to the verandah for Happy Hour, as we speak!

  6. We may or may not go tomorrow. We'll decide in the AM...I'm hopeful we'll be able to get out of here.

  7. MissBirdlegs in AL19 December, 2009 19:34

    Daughter on South Jersey Shore had over a foot on her deck several hrs ago with snow continuing... She's thrilled! They usually get rain when folks just to the west of them get snow.

    Finally quit raining here (went north!), but cold enough that we're seeing a little snow/sleet mix on the radar. Won't last.

  8. Looks like it missed the Number One Son and his Bride in Syracuse!


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