Friday, November 20, 2009

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack… A Preview

We gonna be Suthin' Fried this afternoon, assuming the weather holds… or to use the vernacular: "Lord willin' and the creek don't rise." I dunno why it took so long, but we finally created ourselves an Allman Brothers Band station on Pandora yesterday. And it's good, Gentle Reader, because of tunes like this:

That would be "One Way Out," (the "Live at the Fillmore East" version) which may or may not be the quintessential Allman Bros song. Lord knows there are way too many to choose from and your mileage most certainly may vary. But "One Way Out" works for me! Or maybe "Midnight Rider"…

I like to think I was in on the ground floor for that five year or so period of time when Southern Fried Rock dominated the rock charts in the US. I know for a fact I was there in 1970. From an old post

Your Humble Scribe did a stint as a DJ (and later as Station Manager) at KBOK, a closed-circuit radio station for the population of TUSLOG Det. 4 (Diogenes Station), Sinop, Turkey in 1970 or ’71. That particular “job” was one of the most rewarding and fun things I did in the military. There wasn’t any monetary compensation involved, but I did my level-best to tape the station’s entire music library and that was more than enough compensation, in and of itself. I use quotes around “job” because DJ’ing was a volunteer thing, my real job was fixing electronic spook stuff, or attempting to, anyway. More trivia: “KBOK” is a play on words, “bok” being Turkish slang for “shite.” GIs. Gotta love ‘em!
I mention KBOK because the Allman's "Revival" (from "Idlewild South") was my theme song… it was the intro and outro music for every show I did. Let's review:

Ah… "love is in the air." Indeed. So… the Allmans kicked off the Southern Fried trend and they were followed in close order by groups like the Charlie Daniels Band, the Marshall Tucker Band, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. The Allmans also influenced later artists like ZZ Top and the immortal Stevie Ray.

It's good to know Gregg Allman recently launched about the third or fourth incarnation of the ABB… they played a fabulous 15-night stand… featuring Eric Clapton for two nights… this year. And while we're speaking of concerts … one of my peak rock 'n' roll experiences was seeing the Frères Allmans on a triple bill with Charlie Daniels and Marshall Tucker at the Cow Palace in San Francisco on New Years of 1971/72. You really don't wanna know just how insane that evening was, Gentle Reader. Oh, noes… you don't.

Let's close this out with my favorite Marshall Tucker song…

Oh, my.


  1. Buck, growing up in the Southeastern US in the late 60's & 70's, I became a true fan of Southern Rock.

    My Daddy didn't like me listening to all them long-haired hippies. He was more of a George Jones, David Houston (his lifelong best friend), Merle Haggard, etc. fan.

    But man...the first time I heard Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker, Pure Prairie League, etc. type stuff...I was hooked. And.I.Still.Am.

    Enjoy happy hour...mine is gonna start a little later today.

  2. Oh, I left out personal favorite of that era. I watched Charlie tear up two fiddle bows in one concert back about '75 in Shreveport. Vicious performer...incredible talent. Thanks for the good memories.

  3. Wiping Post.

    I was heavily influenced by my big Bro’ back in the day, so when I was young I was exposed to all the bands you mentioned…and more.

    Ironically, I currently don’t have any AB in my collection. I’m still trying to complete in CD’s what I had in tapes, what I had in vinyl and even some 8 track, all the while still buying current, New Age rock (Cake, Placebo, Tool, etc.) which is now my favorite genre . Maybe by the time I’m 70 I will have completed my collection with everything I’ve always meant to buy…including AB.

    "Sometimes I feeeelllll..."

  4. Buck, you make me want to get some tunes on and have a drink or three, lousy Wx be damned.

  5. Well, Glenn said come on over here, so I am way pleased to see/hear y'all talking about Allman Brothers.

    Being a big Stevie Ray fan, I tend to ignore most of the other "older" stuff. (Just kidding!)

    Anyway, Sir, come back and visit more with Jeff and I -- he's the Parrothead, I am NOT.

    Happy Friday. (Back to work for me now!)

  6. Andy: I hear ya about Charlie Daniels. He pretty well stole the show when I saw him at the Cow
    Palace. The interesting thing: he was first on the bill, Marshall Tucker was second, and so on. But he was arguably the BEST on the bill, playing with a fire and verve the others kinda-sorta lacked.

    Small-Tee: "Whipping Post!" I have NO idea how many times I yelled that at concerts that had NOTHING to do with the Allmans, LOL! Me and seven thousand other concert-goers, LOL!

    Andy: I hope ya got into the Happy Hour mood/mode... once ya could.

    Kath: I WILL be back over at your place... gwar-on-teed. I'm with ya on the Parrothead thing: it has its place, but that place ain't normally here. (insert big-ass grin here)

  7. I am there, buddy. Happy hour with the child, the tunes, and a Winter Lager from Sam Adams. Mama on the way. Life is good.

  8. KBOK...gotta love that kind of gig.

  9. Andy: I'm glad ya made it! ;-)

    Gordon: As I said in my post, that KBOK thing was about the most fun I ever had as a GI.


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