Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Plant Pr0n

From a way-cool NatGeo article:
Then one day more than 375 million years ago, it happened. One lineage of plants evolved pollen grains and seeds, and from then on nothing was the same. Let's not mince words. Pollen is plant sperm—two individuals per grain—surrounded by a single, often golden, wall that offers both protection and chariot. If the tension in the long story of plants was the distance between lovers, pollen was what would bring them together, over feet or even across continents. It was an evolutionary trick that transformed the world by letting strangers have sex.
With pictures!  Good ones, too.  That said... I've always been in favor of sex with strangers to a certain extent... especially when you find yourself on a different continent (about which: a cheap-ass and blatant self-promotion ploy.  And you know there may be more, for those of you who are new to EIP.).  But back to stranger-sex: with suitable caution, of course.  We must be politically correct.


  1. Those are some seriously cool pics!

  2. One night I walked from the back door of the house to the truck. The flowering crabapple tree was flinging out the pollen, and you could really smell it. The wind was calm, and it was hanging in the air.

    When I got into the car, I looked down at my clothes. I was magenta; completely covered in crabapple sperm.

  3. Andy: Truly.

    Gordon: I've never seen pollen quite that bad... but the Green Hornet always gets a yellow-green haze from the tree pollen around here in Spring.

  4. It's way less risky for men to have sex with strangers than for women. Physically, I mean. Emotionally, we're all on our own in these cases!

  5. Point taken, Christina. Which prolly explains why the event is kinda rare.


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