Friday, November 27, 2009

Google Loves Me

I've posted on this subject before yet I remain amazed at two things... first: the stuff Googlers click through on when they visit EIP and second: Google's amazing and mystifying (to me) search algorithms.  Another case in point... (click for larger and you'll see EIP scored eight of the first 21 results)
Our Googler clicked through on the oft-published pic of TFMP (second from left, lower row)... which obviously has nothing to do with radar.  But she had a LOT to do with SN2.  Not that that matters to our Googling friend from parts unknown.  I hope.

Speaking of The First Mrs. Pennington... What the Hell.  Let's post the pic again:
I like this picture.  As Blog-Bud Lou sez: "it's artsy."  The pic was taken in our little three-room, sea view apartamento in Beautiful Wakkanai-By-The-Sea, as far north as you can get in the Land of the Rising Sun.  1969.


  1. That is a very cool picture, sir.

    How come when I go to google, I don't see family pictures and stuff!! Appears you are evidently famous.

    Although, for google today I would like to know how to reattach my space bar to my laptop, bec. it is making it a little sllloooowwww for me. It just decided to be a two-piece laptop!! :)

  2. Buck: Ummmmmm.....okay, I have a tendency to read WAY TOO MUCH into things that I read. And, I also have too little BuckHistory to go on here. So, I could be completely misreading, and "supposing" too much.

    But, if I'm understanding what(who) you're getting at...

    Yeah, that's an artsy photo!

    I think I'll leave it at that, and go finish shelling pecans, and watch the end of the 'Bama/Auburn game.

  3. I guess your coolness factor is seriously up there! I haven't been at it long enough to think about googling or binging my blog yet.
    I am truly impressed.

  4. Now I'm wondering how many pictures of me are floating out there in Cyberspace... not that anyone would know it was me sitting in that hi-chair.

  5. Glenn: Thank you, Sir! I can guarantee ya you'll begin to get Googlers dropping by your place as long as you continue to post plane pr0n.

    Andy: Everything was quite literal in this post... there ain't no hidden or inferred meaning(s). My friend Lou likes B&W photos.

    Kath: As I said... I continue to be amazed at Google's search algorithms. I can't be the only person who uses the term SN2 on the 'net and I certainly don't post much about radar. And sorry about your spacebar... that sucks!

    Sam: re: you on the net. Well, there's at least 20 or more pics of you in these pages, in addition to this fairly recent one elsewhere. Heh.

  6. So do I, Lou. It's one of my all-time favorite shots.

  7. I adore black and white. Terrific photo. She's a stunner too.

  8. It is an artsy-fartsy shot...however, like I commented the first time you posted it (at least I think I did), there is so much you can read into that "1,000 yard stare". Is she contemplating the future, or just posing for the shot? Only she knows.

  9. Mushy: You said just that, IIRC.

    Alison: TFMP most definitely was a sultry-looking wench in her prime. I use the term both lovingly and appreciatively. ;-)


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