Monday, November 30, 2009

Broadening Our Horizons XI

The post title applies to the beer and not the cigars.  We're doing an indoor Happy Hour today as it's just a wee bit chilly outside... 48 degrees, as we speak type... so a Full Moon Winter Ale is very much appropriate.  And we're smoking a CAO MX2 Toro which is a "double maduro" and is also QUITE good.  Spicy.  I could see me ordering a few more of these, as this one cigar was part and parcel of the CAO sampler I ordered a while back.

Now about the cigars pictured above:  Merry Christmas to me, from me.  "Oh, you shouldn't have!"  Heh.


  1. My brother had some sort of Blue Moon pumpkin beer. I tasted it, but did not drink one - dieting ya know. If I have to choose between pumpkin pie or pumpkin beer...

  2. I'd draw the line at pumpkin beer. And that's saying sumthin, methinks. (coz I DID do that "cherry wheat" a while back.)

  3. Not a beer drinker, but I know I've seen Blue Moon beer before. So the Full Moon is part of their line?

    Hey, and isn't it too early to be opening the presents already?? Shame, shame.

  4. So the Full Moon is part of their line?

    Yup! And arguably better, too... if'n you like full-bodied, dark beers. Which I do. That said, Blue Moon is a regular here at El Casa Móvil De Pennington. There's a sixer in the fridge as we speak.

    re: opening presents. I had to get those puppies out of the box and into the humidor. I won't actually consume them until well after XMas. So I think I'm allowed. ;-)

  5. "I had to get those puppies out of the box and into the humidor. I won't actually consume them until well after XMas. So I think I'm allowed. ;-)"
    I believe you. Honest. Truly. For sure and for certain.
    Oh, hahahahahahahahahahaha.
    Have an early Merry Christmas wish from us, Buck. >)^..!(<

  6. It's true, Cat, believe it or don't. I usually keep about a 30-day supply in the humidor; the current stock level is somewhere around 20. Given that our cigar consumption drops radically in winter (I don't like to smoke indoors, but I will... occasionally) it's entirely conceivable the latest shipment won't be tapped until XMas. Or later.

  7. Full Moon! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Still a big fan of Henry Weinhard's Blue Boar Ale. But not available in this neck of the Joshua Tree Woods. And I officially have to pass on the ceegarr. The thing from a couple of months ago, ya know. But I do believe it is one fine cigar!

  8. Pumpkin beer?? Just sounds wrong. Not a fan of fruity beer either.

    Working on some 2 Below right now, myself. One of the great things about winter.

  9. No comment on the brew or smokes, but I do have to say I like the fact that you have a full spice rack (the Colman's dry mustard is a necessity in our house, for adding a bit of kick to many things.)

  10. Glenn: I used to drink a bit of Weinhard's fine brews when I could find them... but like you, they're unknown in these parts.

    BR: You just reminded me: I NEED to get out to the Class VI Store, soonest. The beer selection in the local stores sucks, by comparison. Specifically: no 2 Below!

    Jim: We're always prepared but seldom execute in the cooking space. "Cooking for One" isn't much fun.

  11. Buck/

    Have you seen the latest? The world's strongest beer: "Tactical Nuclear Penguin" @ 32% alcohol. Google on You Tube. They have a promotional video that is a hoot! Guys dressed up in Penguin suits, etc. It's a real beer, brewery is in Scotland. Give it a look!

  12. I went, I saw, I posted. Thanks, VX!


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