Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just... ummm... Checkin' the Box...

... when it comes to Sunday posting. Check out the lower right hand corner of this Google image search:

Yup. "Famous Photographer" R Us!  This, of course, is me following up a Site Meter hit.  The things people click through on never cease to amaze me.


  1. Buck, you are so right about what brings in the traffic, amazing. I took the day off web wise. But I still do my readings!

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  2. My friend, The World Famous Buck Pennington, I hope to remember to ask for an autograph the next time we meet. That is if I've still got memory. :)

  3. inFamous.

    Someday, I can achieve zen-like coolness.

  4. Jimmy: you got THAT right!

    Dan sez: That is if I've still got memory. :)

    RAM... or read-only? :p

    Darryl sez: Someday, I can achieve zen-like coolness.

    You are already THERE, M'friend. In SPADES.

  5. Your famous!

    My verification word: swave

    Very appropriate!

  6. Well there Buck, I guess you are downright famous with this one!

  7. Lou and ORPO: Yep. (big ol' grin!)

  8. Yep, there ya are, Buck!

    Although it took me awhile to find you, what with being distracted by the image on the upper right and all.


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