Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Impulse Buy

So... we were in Wally-World yesterday, doing a mini-resupply run (beer and such) when this caught our eye:

We DO like Dan Brown and $17.50 seemed like a small price to pay for several hours of page-turning entertainment. I picked up "The Da Vinci Code" a couple o' years back when the ex-girlfriend and I were off on a long weekend in Dallas and was enthralled. That book made it through me, the ex-GF, her family, and mine before I lost track of it. And everyone said the same thing, to wit: "Wow! What a page-turner THAT was!" Yup. And we can only hope there's more of the same lurking within the pages of his latest...

All that said, I should note I read Mr. Brown because of the way he writes... and NOT out of any belief there's hidden truth or any such other "deeper meaning" in his plot lines, which is to say I ain't buying into the various alternate Gospel theories and such.  He just tells a damned good story.  Period.  End of report.


  1. Dad,

    I still have your "Da Vinci Code," and Sean is next to read it. Finished the Lost Symbol here. Great read. Enjoy!


    Word verification: FERSOMEN...or the way a redneck prefaces his response to the question: "But isn't that impossible??"

  2. I love Dan Brown, too! Have you read any of his other stuff? I have Angels and Demons, Deception Point, and Digital Fortress here at the house. If you haven't read them, more than welcome to borrow.

  3. k, I can't get into Dan Brown stuff, I don't know why. Maybe it was the Nun's in my early life, so traumatized as I am by their presence. You know, I had to pull a gun on one. Cost me my first holy communion that. But, oh well. I don't get all that religion stuff anyway.

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  4. Buck: Ah! I had assumed you passed Da Vinci Code on... but good to hear Sean is next up. Interesting that you've already finished The Lost Symbol!

    Jenny: I've read all of Brown's stuff. I was so impressed with TDC that I went out and bought all his other books. Thanks for the offer!

    Jimmy: I sense some blog fodder lurking in that "first communion" remark... :D

  5. My steppson zoomed through it and loved it. A friend in Hong Kong is impressed with the history about D.C. and some of its trappings. I'm waiting for Elder Daughter to finish so I can grab it before Daughter the Younger!

    I'm with you on Brown's writing style -- it's compelling.

  6. You touch on something here that has always been part of my make up and which I can't understand lacking in others: the ability to separate art from reality (or, for that matter, art from the artist.)

    I have this sort of argument with folks...

    ME: Damn, Ted Nugent is a magnificent guitar player!

    OTHER: How can you say that? He's a flaming asshole!

    ME: Well, that's your opinion, but what does it have to do with whether he's a good guitar player or not?

    OTHER: I just can't get past his political views.

    ME: Your loss.

    Same goes for those who can't read a novel (or watch a movie or TV show) unless it exactly matches their worldview. Their loss.

  7. I've never read Dan Brown, and I've never experienced nuns. I live a sheltered life.

  8. Moogie: TLS isn't disappointing me in the least... so far.

    Jim: I try and keep an open mind in this space. Example: I still buy Neil Young CDs. :D

    Lou: Pick up a Dan Brown novel... any of 'em. I'm sure you'll be pleased.

  9. Is it really called Wally World?! Serious question!

  10. No, A... Wally-World is slang for Wal-Mart. More "separated by a common language" stuff, eh?

  11. Have read all his books. Hope the next one doesn't take as long to write.

  12. Just got this for some weekend reading, agree with you, he tells a great story.

    BTW your V-IT widget looks good.


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