Thursday, August 20, 2009


It's not a nice day here on The High Plains of New Mexico. You know that ol' sayin' that goes "into each life some rain may fall?" Well, here on THPoNM it's "into each life some dust may blow." Not some, actually... but a whole frickin' LOT. And it was much worse than indicated in the graphic above a lil bit earlier. Not worse as in a haboob, but still kinda bad. The air definitely had a brown/tan tinge to it.

No Happy Hour today, unless things calm down considerably. But they might do just that around sundown. We have our hopes up, Gentle Reader.


  1. Hours can be happy in the comfort of one's Casa Movil, tambien, mi amigo. Not real sure where the spanglish came from -- must be needing to happy-fy my hours, too! Stay clean!

  2. This is most true, Moogie... but I rarely smoke in the house. And cigars are an essential component of the well-provisioned Happy Hour... yanno? :D

    Hey... I do the Spanglish thing, too. But I kinda sorta come by it naturally. There's the New Mexico connection, and the fact The First Mrs. Pennington is Mexican-American. I got an early start on that... back in the '60s.

  3. MissBirdlegs in AL20 August, 2009 17:32

    We got the rain part - along with thunder & lightning & power outages - one at work (just to complicate the day, ya know?) and one already since I got home. Still raining & rumbling, so not counting on a quiet night.

  4. We had some wind yesterday and cooler temps, but not the dust - making it fairly pleasant around here yesterday. It tried to rain, but it skirted around the Lazy B. Finally last night, we got a bit of a shower. I am so ready for fall.


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