Wednesday, August 19, 2009


About which... I'm a great fan. You know... stuff like this:

I've linked to Blog-Sister (Blog-Niece? Blog-Friend?) Jesse on several occasions in the past and almost always for her photography, seeing as how that's her stated purpose, i.e., "A picture paints a thousand words, and I'm too lazy to write. So a blog of pictures seemed the way to go..."

Well, yeah.

The biggest aspect of successful photography lies not in the technical skill required to manipulate the tools. Oh, no. It's in the "eye," and Jesse has an eye that is well and truly unique. The proof is in the pudding, as it's said... and as represented above. Granted... Jesse is subject rather than object in the above photo, but it was her "mind's eye" that set up the pic above. One could spend hours perusing her archives (and her pictures of Scotland come to mind, immediately) and I most certainly have.


(Printed with permission.)


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  2. Jesse did set this photo up. As soon as she saw the jackhammer and rocks, her mind was click'n. Although I took the photo, she had me stand in a certain place, etc. Her Scotland photos were very artsy compared to mine, and yet we took photos of many of the same places and things. Our trip to Corpus Christi was a hoot with her setting up all sorts of silly photos. She and Lindz will be in France later in Sept. - can't wait for the photos.

  3. buck - this is truly the type of photo i enjoy - the sublimely paradoxical. when i first had a gander at it i was reminded of the time i had an oil leak in my vw bug because i didn't put the filter on tight enough the day before when i changed the oil and adjusted the valves - i had a WHITE dress on and HAD to tighten the filter outside my folks home and make my way to some sort of event - seems like a hundred years ago! oh boo.

  4. Lou: As I said in the post... Jess does have quite the eye. Her pictures from France ought to be great!

    nanc: That's an "oh boo!" story indeed!

  5. "The biggest aspect of successful photography lies not in the technical skill required to manipulate the tools..." Haha, I'm working on it! Thanks, Buck ;)

  6. You're welcome, Jess. And thank YOU for sharing your work!


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