Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pictures of You

Pictures of You.

and.. pictures of you...


  1. I see we're taking a stroll today. Hope the weather's nice! (Those are some nice -- and intriguing -- shots!)

  2. Yep intriguing is the word. Happy too. Very handsome Buck. Who are the others?

  3. Moogie: It's not a nice day here on The High Plains of New Mexico, but that's mostly a function of the internal landscape (hangover, big time), and not the external... although it IS hot and windy outside.

    Alison: Thank you for the compliment; the others are all The Second Mrs. Pennington at various times in our relationship. From top to bottom: 1975, in Kyoto; 1980, in Oxford; 1991, in Beijing; and about 1992 or 1993... in Michigan. Her hairdo changed (often); the smile remained the same. :D

  4. Look at you, you handsome bastard! Got those pornstar good looks working there...

  5. She's lovely, very pretty. Women always love to mess around with hairstyles, we're rarely 100% happy with ourselves.


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