Monday, August 24, 2009

Just a Sultry Summer's Day

Well... mayhap not so much on the "sultry" side, as our humidity is only 27%.  I think sultry would kick in if we were over 50%.  But it IS hot (95 big ol' New Mexico degrees) and the wind is high enough that I can't put my awning down to protect El Casa Móvil De Pennington from the hot stare of full sun.  And hot it IS, Gentle Reader... which causes the AC to labor more than it should.  T'is a minor issue, this.

Here are some reasons I think the day is sultry... or at the very least significant contributors to that perception:

We have extremely dynamic skies today... which is to say they're exhibiting that rapid state of atmospheric transition, where the clouds marching towards the horizon quickly change formation... some merge with the element to their left or right, some increase their interval from the others in a front-to-back manner, while still others decide they want to soar just a little bit higher than their cloud buddies.  There is absolutely no discipline in evidence, but it sure makes for some fun observation.

The views above were all taken in and around Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park.  The left hand shot is looking southwest down US 70 towards Roswell, the power pole shot is looking in the same southwest direction but is on the dirt road at the rear of BLHTP (that's USAF family housing on the right), and the landscape-oriented photo is looking NNW from the same dirt road.

And now that I've broadened your horizons, Gentle Reader... in some cases quite literally, I'm sure... it's time to call Happy Hour.  Prosit!


  1. Such pretty pics. In some of them, the sky appears as what is referred to around these parts as a "hard blue sky." That's the deep blue sky following a big storm when the humidity plummets.


    Happy Happy Hour!

  2. LOVE the pic of the power poles. Superb.

  3. Wow. What a difference a couple hunnert miles makes. Here (just east of the the [Even] Big[ger] City) it was dark and cold and rainy. Brace yourself. It was the kind of storm that is enjoyable here in New Mexico but kills people and destroys towns as it moves east.

  4. Moogie: I was surprised to see our humidty was as low as it was yesterday. It felt much worse, but not even CLOSE to what all y'all get.

    Kris: Thank ya, Ma'am!

    Bob: It threatened rain all evening last night but never delivered. Our winds are still out of the south, not the west.

  5. Gorgeous! They look like London skies.


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