Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Re-Run

I had occasion to go searching out these pics last night, as I knew they were all in one place and I had need of 'em.   I figger only about two of you Gentle Readers have ever seen these before, given the age of the original post.  Ergo, re-run.


Taking the day off today (ed: 8/26/2009 - not really). But…just for fun…here’s a study in contrasts.

In the first two pics: friends Catherine (left), Amy (right) and I in Santa Fe, May 2005.

First pic: On the Plaza in the morning, sober as three judges.
Second pic: (Much) Later that same day in a local cantina towards the end of the evening. Take your best guess as to our sobriety. Much fun had by all.

Pics one and two were taken by good friend Cory, who's on the right in pic three.
I think the contrast is amusing... if nothing else.  Well, there's a lot else... specifically: three beautiful women.  Amy, Catherine and I were co-workers at the small firm I worked for in SFO from 2000 - 2002; Cory was Amy's roommate once upon a time.  And all three women are a riot to party with!  As you might can tell from the contents of our table... mucho tequila fue bebido esta noche!


  1. I'm home, and I am way behind in my blogging. I will not even try to catch up. Hey, I'm one of the two who has seen these photos.

  2. Nope -- hadn't seen 'em.

    Looks like fast times at the ol' cantina!

    Put you feet (and typing fingers) up for a little respite. See ya next time!

  3. Good Morning Buck.

    This looks like good times!

    I beleive you mentioned that you're on Twittter, right? Myself and several other Twitterers of all ages are going to have a Tweetup on Saturday.

    If you are on Twitter, which Im not sure if you are or not, I am @crysticouture .

    Thanks for sharing your memories!


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