Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last Nite's "WTF?" Moment

Check out the ad on the right side of the image below...

That is ENTIRELY the wrong approach to get some of us... maybe even most of us... to click on an ad. I mean... WTF does "Obama Backs Insurance Regulation" have to do with any-frickin'-thing, leaving aside the fact the insurance biz is already one of most-regulated industries in this country (returning over 1.2 million results when googling "state insurance regulatory agency")? It'll be a cold day in Hell before ignorant frickin' ad flacks who insult my intelligence with that kind of crap induce me to click on such an ad. And people have problems with Flo, Cavemen, and Erin E-Surance? Sheesh.

Speaking of cold days in Hell New Mexico and apropos of the relevant content above... which is to say: the temperature... I entertained kicking on the furnace this evening. Seriously. But I didn't. Firing up the furnace in July, in New Mexico? That's just wrong, unless you happen to be up around 8,000 feet in the mountains somewhere. I did, however, drag out my fleece-lined slippers and put on a flannel shirt. I kid thee not.


  1. The temps only got into the low 90's here yesterday and only up to the high 80's in some places. You would think that was not much difference, but for July in OK and TX, it was great.

  2. 62 has been the high for us here in Rochacha, and I'm not just talking about a fluke day or two. Wer're setting records for months and days cold temps. and for rain amounts too.

    Global warming!?! STFU!

  3. It's 8000 where we go camping and it does get chilly. But we try to just bundle and/or snuggle a bit rather than kick on the heater. At least in July. Now September is another story. LOL!

  4. And I Quote: "The Planet has a Fever" - Al Gore

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  5. Probably off topic, but...

    I've decided I hate Obama. In a personal way.

    It's hot as hell here, with no relief in sight.

  6. What? YOU din't KNOW? Well...let me be the first to inform you Mr. Smarter-than-everyone-else... if you voted for Obama you're going to heaven...since he runs the place and KNOWS everyone that voted for him and has that persons name written down in his own book of life.

    my word verifacation: eatestu

    is that a subtle reference to dinner?

  7. I'm with Daphne. I've been trying to "stay above" it, or some such drivel, but the fact is that the guy just pisses me off. Attitude, demeanor, tone, and a constant parade of decidedly un-Presidential, almost immature, behavior. All politics aside, I would knock that guy out just for being such a jerk.

  8. we went to an outdoor gospelfest yesterday before the sun went down - if they'd have sung one more song, the people would have started huddling together as the temp dropped significantly.

    actually, the ad that caught my eye was the "LOWER MY BILLS.COM" first - and then i thought this admin was going to do away with such practices!

  9. Daphne and Andy, you're my newest BFFs!! I'm starting to have a Pavlovian rise in my blood pressure whenever I hear that sing-song, arrogant voice.

    I wish I had cause to take note of chilly temps, but, well, I'm in New Orleans after all, along with 37,000 delightful Lutheran kids and their chaperones here for a convention and 250,000 hours of volunteer work! That's cool enough, I guess!

  10. It's been an unusually cool summer here as well. Wet, too. I've not had to water my garden once this summer. Not exaggerating. That's highly unusual for here.

    If climate change means cooler, wetter summers around here, bring it on!!!

  11. Lou: As you well know... I've experienced Okie summers and I most certainly hear what you're saying. And I'd take it, too.

    tim: Wow. I didn't realize things were so cool up your way. Apropos of nothing, I was just telling SN2 the other day about the wonderfulness of summers in Ra-cha-cha. He was visiting your fair city last week and asking about places to go, etc.

    Jenny: I coulda used a snuggle-partner last night! :D

    Jimmy: See tim's comment, LOL!

    Daphne (and Andy): I'm not up to hating Obama. Yet. But I DO hold him in considerable contempt.

    nanc: GOOD eye! And ya, "lower my bills" and the current administration are diametrically opposed concepts.

    Moogie: You touch on one of the things I find most gratifying about the post-Katrina response... that being the countless hours of volunteer work put in by church groups and other civic organizations... and the fact that said work goes largely unmentioned in our media.

    Phil: I'll take that "cooler summers" thing, as well. The eco-nuts don't seem to have noticed this phenomenon, eh?

  12. Daphne, Andy & Moogie - I like the cut of your respective jibs.

    The man irritates me to the point where I can't even stand looking at him, let alone listening to him.

    I am with Buck in that I don't hate him. That's too visceral and frankly takes too much effort on my part.

    I just don't like him.


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