Sunday, July 19, 2009

Broadening Our Horizons IV

Today's Happy Hour libation:

That would be a Blue Moon Belgian-style Wit bier. Unfiltered, cloudy, and quite tasty. It is GOOD, Gentle Reader. The beer is accompanied by a Man O' War Ruination Belicoso (5.7 x 56), which is also quite good. Hell, life itself is good!

And now back outside, to continue as we've begun.


  1. Well, that gets my vote for the best named cigar in history. Hell, the best named anything, really.

    Had myself a Franziskaner Weiss yesterday from some place that calls itself a German bar here. Also cloudy, pretty good. I think I am still tasting it.

  2. Blue Moon is one of my favorites - it seems that the first time I had it, the bartender squeezed an orange into it.

  3. You would be right on the orange, sir. I've had it served that way, too. Tasty.

  4. I'm with Andy. Great name!

    Although, take the "Man O' War" off of it and just leave "Ruination Belicoso" and it sounds like something you might wear a condom to avoid :-)

  5. Yes Buck - life is good. Beer and cigar. Or Sting and chocolate cake...

  6. Andy: There was a point in time in the way-back when Franziskaner was the beer of choice (when I was in Rochester, NY). I frequented this "Cheers" sorta bar that had it on tap (as well as about 50 other beers, check the pic of the taps in the header) and the barman would start pouring when he saw me hit the door. Ah... memories...

    Lou: If you followed the link to the brewery they recommend orange with the beer...

    Jim: Agreed on the Ruination thing.

    Kris: Yup!

  7. The cigar loogs good. So does the beer in principle... but there's one style of beer that in general I don't really like, and that's most of the Belgian style ones. There's an ester the yeast they use puts off that ... puts me off. All of the Blue Moon beers have it.

    On the other hand, I had a Brother Thelonious the other night that claims to be belgian style abbey ale, and it was awesome.

  8. Phil: I had the same sort of opinion about Belgian beer as you when I first tasted it while in Europe oh-so-many years ago. It took me a good long while to come around and "learn" to like it. Which I do nowadays. A LOT.


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