Thursday, June 25, 2009

This Says Nothing...

... other than the fact I eat out waaay too much.

Two days worth of dishes in the drainer,* taken but ten minutes ago after consuming the morning's last cup on the verandah. It's HOT outside, Gentle Reader. Happy Hour will be delayed until late this evening as a result and will more than likely consist of Gin & Tonics. Plural.

*added much later in the day


  1. As Cartman would say, "Weak".

    Hope you saved some limes from yesterday for that gin!

    Have a cool evening.

    WV/ distl = Shorthand for Distill

  2. Ah, well. Ya can't please 'em all. :D

  3. At least they look clean! We had a nice afternoon thundershower -- dropped the mercury a considerable bit, so we're sticking with CosmoAppleTini. In the A/C!

  4. Hot and muggy here in Vegas, with thunderstorms, believe it or not!

    Thank Odin for air conditioning!

  5. Moogie: I see N'Awlins is making the WX Channel quite a bit the last couple o' few, what with your heat. I've experienced it and I DON'T envy you. AC is GOOD!

    Kris: That they WERE! :D

    Christina: We've been more humid than normal, as well, Christina. With t-storms, too!

  6. virgil xenophon27 June, 2009 00:53

    I've found that after a few G & Ts the mouth gets a tad dry--at which time I switch to Rum & Tonic--a less "dry" concoction that one can drink for far longer without "drying" up. Also not to be sniffed at are vodka gimlets. Pre-chill some glasses in the freezer and rock on on the rocks! LUV that lime taste!

    PS: Kris is right, plural IS good!

  7. MissBirdlegs in AL01 July, 2009 22:01

    Your dish drainer looks like mine, except mine has more cups and less glasses. :-)


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