Friday, June 19, 2009


A friend sends along a link that can be a most serious time waster if you let it. It might only be so if you’re “of a certain age.” Or have an eye for the strange and unusual… like these LP covers from 1955 and 1967:
Heh. I’m sure all good Trekkies have the latter… but as for me? I’d be more into Gracious Living… without the apron. But ya know what? I never saw Mom and Dad looking like that, nor did we have such a kitchen. I must have led a deprived life.
So… you are directed to Bills’ Retro World, where there’s more than album covers. There’s TV, movies, and sports, too. And cars! You just know those people above (who were living graciously) had one of these:
And there are more… mostly ad copy from the '50s… but there are some '60s images as well. My parents owned a few of those cars and I owned at least one myself.
Dang. I must be old.
Back to the record covers for further proof:
I remember this one all too well. It was the first record I ever bought with my own money, and I bought my copy in 1957 at the ripe ol' age of 12. This particular gem was released in 1956 but sales were still going strong a year later. Or maybe it's because my Dad was stationed in Ankara, Turkey and we were a year behind the times. Whatevah. "Blue Suede Shoes" was a revelation to my 12-year old mind and probably was what set me off on a life of depravity and dissipation.
But that's another story altogether.


  1. That is a cool site - like I need any more time-wasters. I think my first album was a John Denver Rocky Mountain High. Although, I do remember buying an eigh-track of Kenny Rogers and the First Edition Ballad of Callico (written by Michael Murphey

  2. Oops that should be spelled Calico.

  3. I haven't clicked on the site yet, but I can appreciate your album cover and the other pictures of yesteryear.

    WE (my family) thought everyone had a great kitchen with such cool hipster people lounging about. Just not us.

  4. Will . . . not . . . go . . . there . . .

    Must . . . resist.

  5. He'p me, Doc! Resistance is Futile. Oh, wait. Spock didn't meet the Borg.

  6. Lou: Your link is broke, but this one works. I had a Michael Murphey album with "Calico" on it, although I forget which album it was (coz I had a LOT of his stuff).

    Darryl: My parents were pretty cool, but in their own sorta way. That way never did include a lot of the trendy stuff of the age.

    Doc: ah... g'wan. You KNOW you wanna. :D

    Moogie: I can't vouch for Spock and the Borg... I was never into Star Trek/Wars. I'm lacking a gene or something else that's critical in this space (heh).

  7. Oh, Buck... If I go there I'll never get any work done at all. That sort of stuff just draws me in and annihilates any desire to do anything else for days and days.

    I'm headed there now :-)

  8. Heh. We're of the same mind, Jim.

  9. I LOVE the pink? purple? mauve? red? floor on the first album cover. It's groovy (even though "groovy" comes from a later date...). ;)

  10. "Groovy" works for me, Christina!

  11. Shows the difference one small decade, or two, can make. I get the other references, but Star Trek was the only one striking a nerve.

    I would have thought you were an apron man all the way, Buck. High totty and high heels serving up something nice in pretty white lace...what's to dislike?

    (Jeez, some of these code words make my eyeballs spin - they all run together...crap, that's probably just my aging eyesight. How depressing.)

  12. I would have thought you were an apron man all the way, Buck. High totty and high heels serving up something nice in pretty white lace...what's to dislike?

    On women, yeah. I was thinking more of the GUY wearing the apron on that album cover. :D


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