Monday, April 20, 2009

Cheesy Videos VII: VLog

The state of the state this morning in P-Ville...

More later. Mebbe. Oh... that Garofalo thing? Here. In case you missed it.


  1. I like the video log - a bit of variety and you ARE plenty articulate in front of the red light.

    And while I don't follow hockey, I have been reading your tweets and posts. Even tried to watch a game as I enjoy most sports but confess I don't get hockey...

    On politics, so enjoy the attitude of "if you can't say something nice..." - it is so easy to become annoyed, angry, disgruntled enough now to make the attacks personal which is really stooping to "their" level.

    So, looking forward to more video logs AND even hearing the playoff outcomes and how you enjoy watching :)!

  2. I like it! Keep 'em coming!


  3. Awesome - luvin' the VLog. It's always so great to put a voice to a face...

    Distressed about politics - yup, I'm there. The problem with Obama and his policies is that he's really not launched anything new. He's still campaigning - so it's hard to separate the name from the lack-of-policies.

    Garofalo is a waste of humanity; she offends anything that draws breath. I'm so glad to know that a D-list actress is now an "expert" on the limbic brain - whatever the hell that is.

  4. The "Daily Gut" does a masterful takedown on the Tea Party bashing.

    What Garofalo needs is a steady, love filled relationship with another human. She might calm the chuck down and become part of our shared world, maybe even be a happier person, too.

    So much hate out there.

    I'm finally posting, Buck. Look forward to seeing you over at the Barco!

  5. Buck, I liked the VBLOG - you need to put in some hockey "Plays of the Week" to really spice it up!!! LOL.

    I hope you had a good day.

    BT: Jimmy T Sends.

  6. Needs a VComment capability. ;-)

  7. I like the video comment. I thought I had posted a comment to this yesterday, but I must have gotten up to do something and then forgotten to post. Good grief.

  8. Heh. Love that you're rocking the EDS mug.

    I think this is very worthwhile, Buck.

    Will be following your experiments with videoblogging closely. Been thinking about that myownself.

  9. Buck:

    What can I say? You're a good man. Some folks understand that policies have to be separated from personalities - and other irrelevancies - while others just don't get it.

    I was telling Michelle that there seems to be a good chance for our three teams to meet, in some combination or another, so it might get chippy between us. We'll have to be like the players and shake hands afterward, forgetting the times we dropped the gloves :-)

  10. Ann: Thank ya for the kind comments... but I need to work on the "umms" and such. And thanks for acknowledging the tweets, as well! Sunday was indeed a hockey marathon in these parts.

    Buck: Thank you, too!

    Kris: I'm beginning to think Obama will do nothing BUT campaign for the duration of his presidency. It's what he's best at...

    Darryl sez: What Garofalo needs is a steady, love filled relationship with another human.I agree. But who would volunteer for such a lousy assignment? Even the SEALs might balk at that one. OTOH, Olbermann seems to think she's OK. Maybe he's single? Gawd, what a thought...

    Jimmy: The "Plays of the Week" thing's not a bad idea... but that would mean post-production work and learning a new app. Windows MovieMaker doesn't "do" mp4s and my one attempt at movie editing with the software that came bundled with the vidcam was not acceptable... the resulting file sizes are HUGE.

    Doc: LOL! You could always do what the YouTubers do... post a video reply!

    Lou: Thank ya, ma'am. I've done that "get up and forget where I was" thing, too. But I'm an Ol Fart... you're NOT. ;-)Barry: You wouldn't believe the number of antique EDS mugs I have. It's amazing how many of those things made the cut when I went through the Great Divestiture of Stuff exercise. About V-blogging... I've noticed most folks are rather random about it. I'm thinking the written word is easier to do, frankly.

    Jim: You're right about the hockey, I think, but it's still very early days. You'll MOST definitely make it out of the first round, and I'd say the B's chances are better than most to make it to the Final. The West, OTOH, is anybody's guess at the moment. I could see any of perhaps four teams making it to The Big Dance. But I'll play nice (with either you OR Michelle) should we meet in June, LOL!

  11. Hope you catch a YouTube virus and go viral!

  12. Very cool, Buck (even though I'm late to the party)! Hope this becomes a regular feature. :)

  13. Christina: Well, I think it just might. Mebbe weekly.


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