Friday, April 10, 2009

Broadening Our Horizons (Fail!)

So... we're just in from Happy Hour, which began badly but concluded on a happy note. Why the bad beginning? Well... we weren't in the mood to do a beer run all the way out to the base, so we decided to "broaden our horizons" by picking up a sixer of Santa Fe Hefeweizen while we were doing our shopping out at Wally-World, given as how we were "in the mood" for a hefeweizen. And so we picked up a sixer of these:

And we were NOT pleased, Gentle Reader. We drank but one of the above before we dived into what remains of the beer stock and pulled out a couple of Mothership Wits, which went down oh-so-much-better than the aforementioned "hefeweizens," which more resembles run-of-the-mill Budweiser than a hefewieizen. Truth be told... the Santa Fe Brewing Company ought be ashamed... and greatly so... for daring to append the name "hefewiezen" to this brew. This beer will remain in the fridge for a whole HELLUVA long time before it's finished. It might be suitable for foisting off on unsuspecting visitors (and non-discriminating beer drinkers) to El Casa Móvil De Pennington, but that would be about it.

The day was saved (as noted above) by pulling out two Mothership Wits. I sense there will be a beer run out to the Cannon AFB Class VI store in my most immediate future. All that said.... Happy Hour was indeed a success. We began with a soundtrack provided by Pandora... to wit, "Hot Tuna," followed up with "Motown." About which... one of the better tunes we enjoyed this afternoon:

That just HAS to be one of the songs Arthur Conley was talking about when he asked the musical question "Do you like Sweet Soul Music?" Oh, yes... indeed. Yes, we DO.


  1. Sorry to hear that Happy Hour had a rough start. At least you managed to recover nicely.

    The worst beer I ever drank (excluding Hamm's) was circa 1994. It was brewed by an outfit called Grant's, out of Eastern WA. Two swallows and the rest went down the drain. It didn't even deserve to be called beer.

    Nice soundtrack. Even though I probably wasn't even a twinkle in anyone's eye when it came out, I still enjoy that music. Of course, my taste in music is a bit ecclectic.

  2. A hefewieizen brewed in Santa Fe? I'm sorry, that's just wrong. I also notice you don't have a wedge of lemon in the glass.

    See if you can get hold of Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss or Summit's Hefewieizen. They're brewed up here, by folks who know that wheat doesn't grow at 7,000 feet.

    I once got a couple of gals from Santa Fe mildly drunk on Summit's brew. They'd never heard of hefewieizen, or walleye, which was the main course. See, I'm considered a maven of local culture in these parts, believe it or not.

  3. Your such a beer snob! LOL!!! Or I'm such a red neck. What on earth is a hefeweizen? Just give me a Coors Light.

  4. Lord...Jenny...Curs Laht?...ick.

    Couple observations/suggestions here:

    That stuff was probably 'brewed' with the wheat chaff and not the wheat itself. It really doesn't even LOOK right. Where's the telltale low flying hefe clouds?

    Don't throw it out and don't peddle it chili chili...or a couple pounds of beef chunks, some various inground veggies and a slow cooker will go miles in the taste factory.

    Next time you're in 'The City' do not pass go do not collect $200 but go directly to the Belle Isle Brewery and pick up Wild Mary's may well be the best hefe you've ever placed 'pon the palette.

    Oh and one last item...if you can...go to your local candyshop and pick up a six of Abita Amber brewed in Abita Springs, LA. If it is unavailable...send me your fixed locale and i'll have the friendly Brown truck visit you.

  5. I haven't had a beer in years. Sorry all of you beer afficiandos but to me it tastes like drinking .... well, never mind. I wouldn't be able to tell one from the other.

    I agree with Jenny -- I don't know what a hezeweizen is either .... I guess the only beer I ever really liked was Coors Light.

    Love the Shirelles though!!!

  6. Buckskins: Ah... worst beer stories! I've never heard of Grant's, but back in the day when I was a young airman stationed at Vandenberg AFB (c.1965 - 66) we used to pass the hat at parties when the "good stuff" ran out and head down to the local beer emporium to buy the cheapest brew we could find. By the time the hat went around we were much more interested in quantity v. quality... and we always came back with cases of "Brew 102," which (if memory serves) could be had for less than $5.00 a case. EVIL. I've never seen it since that time and hope I never, ever see it again.

    Gordon: I've had the pleasure of drinking Leinies in various flavors... great beer. I doubt seriously if either brand you mentioned is available in these parts, though. You know how it is around here... Still and even, the Class VI might surprise me!

    Jenny: Hefeweizen. And yeah... I AM a beer snob, freely admitted. I never was a beer snob until I got stationed in England... and that turned my whole beer-life around. Living in Ol' Blightly was truly a "life changing experience" where beer is concerned.

    Jay: That's the drawback of dark brown bottles... you can't see the contents. I knew I was gonna be disappointed when I began the pour. Thanks for the recommendations, even though it might be quite some time before I'm back in OKC!

    Sharon: Your complaint might be typical of folks who have never tasted "real" beer (I know, I know... spoken like a TRUE snob). OTOH, some folks just don't like the taste, and I have a few friends in that particular space. And I don't know anyone who doesn't like The Shirelles! ;-)

  7. Bummer on the Hefe, Buck. I've been in a mood for those lately, too. Fortunately, we have some good ones out here. I like Pyramid's version, and I'm sure you have that out there.

    I have to agree with Gordon on the lemon wedge. Mayhap you just didn't have any on hand.

  8. I have to agree with Gordon on the lemon wedge. Mayhap you just didn't have any on hand.

    The baggie in the upper right hand corner of the pic contains lime wedges... one of which went into the glass after I took the pic. ;-)

    And I think we DO have Pyramid out at the Class VI store. I'll know for sure tomorrow. If not... there's always Paulaner or Franziskaner.

  9. Note to self: Remember NO Santa Fe while at Dad's place next week!


    People just don't understand that life's too short to drink bad beer!

    Looking forward to watching a game and hoisting a couple with you next week Dad!


  10. Buck,
    Maybe my problem was that the first beer I ever had was Genesee. LOL

  11. I'd take Jay's suggestion and cook with it. Boil it with some brats (I happen to have some laying around somewhere in a freezer from the last pig we had butchered). Then grill the brats. (by brats, I'm not meaning my children. LOL!)

    Your right, I have to claim ignorance on beer because I just don't know any better. I've only recently (in the last year) started to enjoy any beer again. Once I turned 21 it wasn't as much fun to drink anymore. LOL!

  12. Awe, shoot. You could've unloaded one or two of these on your kid next week. You ruined it by posting this. OPSEC, man, OPSEC!

  13. You know how I feel about beer, so I won't reiterate it here...;)

    The bizarre thing is that I had that song stuck in my head a few days ago without even having heard it anywhere. Weird. I'm NOT going to click on the link and listen to it, because then I'd have it stuck, again!

  14. "People just don't understand that life's too short to drink bad beer"

    amen brother...and furthermore, because some have chosen over-indulgence many just don't drink beer at all...and that my a sham/e.

  15. Buck: You can take your time on the drive out... The Wings begin Thursday. I'm looking forward to this, as well. 1554 and Macallan!

    Sharon sez: Maybe my problem was that the first beer I ever had was Genesee. LOL

    EWWWW! ;-) (And I KNOW from whence I speak!)

    Jenny: I'll pick up some brats REAL soon... that sounds delicious! (And I find beer-drinking to still be fun, even at my semi-advanced age...)

    Bob: Your OPSEC point is well-taken. But... OTOH, I'd never do that to Buck, as he'd pick up on it right away.

    Christina: That IS weird about the Shirelles...

    Jay: Your point is well-taken, as well.


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