Thursday, April 23, 2009

Apropos of That Last Post...

I said I was listening to Keith Richards during Happy Hour, followed up with Sticky Fingers. So... thinking about Sticky Fingers and so on... I got to digging around in YouTube and found this:

"Moonlight Mile" is my ALL-TIME favorite Rolling Stones song, and this song and I go back well over 35 years. The song has had profound meaning to me over the years, even though the meaning has changed radically since I first heard it back in the day when I was in Beautiful-Sinop-by the Sea. In those days I was consumed by the thought of being reunited with The First Mrs. Pennington and our sons; these days the song has a completely different and oh-so-poignant meaning. The "Moonlight Mile" is infinite in its reach these days... and fundamentally out of reach, by definition. Interpret that as you might, Gentle Reader.

Still and even... no matter what sort of interpretation you bring to the song... it remains a classic and arguably the best thing Mick and The Boys ever committed to tape. YMMV, of course.


  1. "The sound of strangers sending nothing to my mind; Just another mad mad day on the road; I am just living to be lying by your side, But I'm just about a moonlight mile on down the road...."
    Makes ya remember, don't it?

  2. "Makes ya remember, don't it?"

    Oh, yes... on so many levels, too. You have NO idea, Cat.

  3. I am watching and listening to these videos - with no problemas! Thanks for sharing "Moonlight Mile."

  4. Fast internet is a GOOD Thing, innit? ;-)


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