Saturday, March 21, 2009

This Modern Age...

The Red Wings played the Thrashers in Atlanta last evening... and SN1 and crew were at the game. I didn't lack for updates as the game progressed... as evidenced by this screen-shot of my in-box:

That would be three cell phone pics and ten status updates, all in real-time. Ain't technology grand? And note one other thing... Buck sez there were as many Wings fans as Thrashers fans in attendance. That's NOT at all unusual as the Wings have about as wide and loyal a fan base as any team in hockey and most other pro sports, as well (I'd say "more than most," but there's no sense in belaboring a point).


  1. Toby and I had lunch in a sports bar in WF today. Most of the TVs were set to March Maddness games, but there was one set to a hockey game. It was not the Wings, darn it.

  2. Ah... sports bars! I remember those, long ago and far away... :D

  3. Every game's a home game for the Wings!!! By Sean and my account, the number of Red Wing jerseys OUTNUMBERED the Thrasher jerseys! We DVR'd the game and watched a bit...the "Let's go RED WINGS!!" chants were louder than the Thrasher chants as well. Sean's claim to fame: He STARTED one of the many "OZZY! OZZY! OZZY!" chants...

    All in all...a most memorable time!!

    Pics on my Facebook and blog to follow...probably tomorrow...


  4. I'll be looking for those pics! :D


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