Monday, March 30, 2009

One Good Thing and a Few Variations on "Worst"

Here’s a pretty cool piece on Twitter from Ed Driscoll which contains everything you ever wanted to know about Tweeting, and then some:
If you moused over the Ed Driscoll link you probably saw it takes you to a piece Ed wrote called “Twitter: ‘The Worst Person in the World.’” And yeah… that’s a nod to one of Olbermann’s signature shticks, wherein he names a daily “Worst Person” on his “show”… which is nearly always someone like Dubya, Cheney, Newt, Ann Coulter, or any other conservative who happens to pop into his ever-so-short attention span. Being named as “Worst Person” is a Badge Of Honor for conservatives, ya know.
Well, Dear Keith put his foot in it last week, BIG Time, by claiming... on air, in a “Worst Person” segment, no less!... his @countdownMSNBC Twitter account was a false-flag op by none other than Fox News. In the words of Red State: “Epic Fail!” The whole story, if’n ya missed it… is here… complete with Olby video and screenshots of the now-closed @countdownMSNBC Twitter account.
Heh. This couldn’t have happened to a more deserving asshat. Long time readers know I used to beat up on Olby quite often in the way-back… I’ve since discovered I (generally) have better things to do with my time, but this is TOO good to let slide…
Apropos of “worst”… this weekend was a serious downer for YrHmblScrb. First there was the weather, wherein Ol Man Winter made a curtain-call here on The High Plains of New Mexico on Friday and Saturday… complete with freezing rain, snow, wind, and other undesirable weather thingies. Sunday was a little better in that our temps got back up into the 70s… but there was that howling wind… ever-present at this time of year. Here’s what we looked like last Friday morning:
I took that screenshot and went directly back to bed and stayed there until around 1400 hrs. It wasn’t only the weather that drove me to return abed though, Gentle Reader. I’m still not healing as well from the latest Adventures in Modern Dentistry as I think I should be and there’s a distinct possibility I may be nursing an infection of sorts. I’m scheduled to have my stitches removed late this week but I may go in earlier if The Good Doctor is available (he’s on his annual, well-deserved Spring Break at the moment).
So… there’s all that and more. I spent the entire day Sunday down with an absolutely miserable case of gastric distress, of the type where one cannot be more than a few feet from The Little Room at any given point in time. Nothing… not even water… would remain in my gut longer than about six minutes. Pepto-Bismol normally works pretty well for me when I’m so afflicted, but NOT yesterday. Whatever gut-bugs are resident in my frame simply drank The Pink Stuff up and sent it on its way… quickly. This also tells me I may be nursing some sort of infection.
This, too, shall pass.


  1. I'm a bit oblivious to Twitter, but maybe I need to catch up with the world. Then again, maybe not.

    I hope you get to feeling better. Lubbock's weather was not really too bad.

  2. SO sorry about the health woes. If you are nursing an infection from the modern dentistry, perhaps you shouldn't wait for the doc to be available. Perhaps a visit to someone else is in order - you don't want to let those things linger and grab hold.

    Here's hoping you feel better overall as the day progresses. Take good care of yourself.

  3. Hope you're feeling a bit better by this time, Buck. Watch some old vids of hockey fights or something to cheer yourself up :-)

  4. Try to force some yogurt down to help replace some of the good bacteria.

    At least when it departs it won't be like those Rosarita Jalapenos.

    Get well!

  5. Sorry to hear that your a bit under the weather. Hope you can get in to see the good doc, and take care of whatever is ailing you.

    23F? Another data point to debunk the Goracle.

  6. Hope you get to feeling better, Buck.

    I still don't understand twitter. I'm following vanderleun and still haven't found out why it's worth my while and I love him to bits.

    Three people are apparently following me and I've never twittered once.

  7. Those are the people who coined the term "mean-spirited" and I say it takes one to know one. Uh, "worst person" segments can suck it.

  8. Hi buck, just to let you know that I was involved with an argument with daphne, and she has tampered with my comments and removed some of hers and mine in order to skew the debate, which is basically very dishonest of her. After she has refused me the right of reply so the only way to let people know what has happened is to leave a comment.

    Sorry tohave bothered you. But as you were involved in the debate, and it looks like a very different debate now that I actually had with her, then I felt i needed the right of reply in order to inform people of the circumstances of what is printed on her blog.


  9. omg: I just reviewed the comments thread to the post you speak of and... for the record... I agree with what Daphne said. You descended into trolling and all of us, yourself included, would have been better served if you had simply held your peace and moved on.

    Katy: Thanks for the link!

    Lou: I have a Twitter account but don't tweet a lot. I do, however, enjoy the tweets from folks like Lileks and Andy Levy.

    All: Thanks for the good wishes, especially you, Darryl, for the yogurt suggestion. I think that helped. I found the fact that I can sleep for two-thirds of the day to be semi-amazing!

  10. Buck, I am so sorry to hear you have been sick, and I echo the others who told you it's time to see a dentist/doctor and find out what is going on.

    I am sorry not to be here much. I have been kind of in an ignore mode lately because the news from this administration and the economy is so bad every single day...that I have been trying to make my world very small and ignore politics. I find I am not coming to the blogs as much and I at least need to get back into that habit, because you all have much to say besides the current political situation -- and that is cheering...and posting with friends does help.

    Okay, I swore I would never write a blog and I am. Then I vowed they would never get me on Facebook, and they have. But I am STILL holding out and saying "NO TWEETER!!! EVER!!!!"


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