Friday, October 17, 2008

Just Watch It. You'll Be Glad You Did.

McCain at his VERY best… last night in NYC at the Al Smith Dinner:

This clip isn’t the entire speech, as it’s missing the final three minutes. You can see the entire 13+ minute speech here, if you have a mind to do so. I watched it in its entirety and was most impressed. Not to mention the fact that I laughed my ass off. Yeah... it's that funny!

Hat tip: Lex, for the WCBS link.

Update, 1245 hrs.: OK… equal time, if only for the contrast in style and content. Here’s The One, at the same event.

Your mileage may vary, but I think Senator McCain won THIS one, hands down.


  1. I laughed my arse off as well. It was fun to see those in the audience laughing hard as well. (H.Clinton and B.Obama to name a couple)
    The statements that he made regarding his opponent showed the utmost class. I was impressed.

  2. Thanks for sharing those clips. Both were very funny, but I do think McCain was most funny and classy.

  3. Clearly, the writers' strike is over! >-)

  4. that, sir, was a riot. both of them.

  5. I just found and restored some of my politics from the year I began blogging in 2004. I am in the process of putting them back online. I know you are a Republican or I think you are. I am one myself but swing more to the best man for the job. Anyway here is the link not done but getting there.

    I also enjoyed the videos. People can be nice.

  6. I thought they both did well but McCain is clearly a funnier guy -- this is the John McCain I remember liking a few years back. What that says about me, I'll leave as an exercise for the reader.

  7. P.S. "So good to see you tonight, Hillary" was delivered with perfect timing and was far and away the best line in an evening filled with good ones.

  8. Susan sez: The statements that he made regarding his opponent showed the utmost class. I was impressed.

    I assume you mean McCain, Susan... and I agree, wholeheartedly. Especially about the "wish him luck/wish him well" bit.

    Lou sez: Both were very funny, but I do think McCain was most funny and classy.

    We're on the same page yet again, Lou!

    Doc sez: Clearly, the writers' strike is over! >-)

    LOL, Doc! I think McCain had the better writer, tho. The "Messiah is above my pay-grade" line cracked me up...

    Andy: Thank ya, Sir!

    Abe: You're sorta right -- I've voted Republican since 1980, with one exception: Perot in '92 (to my everlasting shame). And thanks for the link to your new blog!

    Barry sez: ...this is the John McCain I remember liking a few years back.

    You're not alone in this line of thought, Barry. Charles Krauthammer said exactly the same thing (or nearly, anyway) last evening on Brit Hume's "Special Report." I agree with your take on McCain's delivery, too... impeccable! The One had a tendency to laugh at his own jokes, and that took a lil bit away from his performance, in my eyes.

  9. Enjoyed those! Thanks for posting them.

  10. Of course the one really bad thing about this was the tease with which he began. By opening, before you knew this was going to be comedy, with a statement that he had fired his campaign staff, I had a momentary glimmer of hope. I'd have like that line better if it had been true.

  11. Doc: We're on the same page here. I had no idea what the event was about when I first began watching McCain (using the Lex-link) and I initially thought "YES! About time!" Oh, well...

    Jenny: You're welcome! It must have taken you quite some time to download and watch those, given your connection speed. I'm glad you did!

  12. We watched both the speeches in their entirety live that night ... we were at my son's house, and the four of us (who are not particularly huge fans of Sen. McCain) thought he was absoutely hilarious from beginning to end. His timing was just perfect and he got his message across much better than a dozen campaign speeches or debates would have, and by being very very funny.

    Obama? He had a few funny lines but in its entirety his speech was nowhere near as hilarious as McCain's, and did not have the audience laughing as much. Not good at delivering comedy lines; I felt he was out of his comfort zone.

    But maybe I am prejudiced. haha... ;)

  13. Phlegmmy: It WAS!

    Sharon: I agree with your evaluations. Blog-Bud Doc mentioned in his post on this subject that Obama read his lines like it was the first time he'd seen his speech and that rings true with me, as well. OTOH, Obama isn't noted for his sense of humor in any set or setting, and that's troubling, too. I don't trust people who don't have a sense of humor...


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