Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just Checkin' the Box That Sez...

... "Today's Post?"  Courtesy of Blogger-Bud Doc...  Hip-Hop, translated:

Interesting, no?  I'd comment on the idiom, but I just don't have either the energy or the inclination.  It's been that kinda day.

And what kinda day would that be?  Up at 0430.  Watched all of Washington Journal, enduring the slings and arrows of moonbat ranters who just have to call in and vent... usually of the BushCrime! or Troofer varieties, coupled with their inexplicable support of The One.  Then it was over to MS-NBC (go figure... they were the only ones televising the hearings) for a couple of hours of watching Paulson, Bernanke, and Cox try and persuade the Senate Finance Committee that a $700 billion bailout is a good thing.  Otherwise?  Melt-down.  And we don't want that, do we?  Oh, no, My Precious... we doesn't!

Back to bed for a couple of hours after the coffee pot was emptied.  Out to the base to run weekly errands.  Saw four C-130s on the ramp and one flying around the aerodrome.  And one of those cute U-28s, as well.  An interesting side-note...  The fighter guys flew a whole helluva lot more than the C-130 guys do... at least currently.  It was a rare day when I'd go out to the base and not see jets on the ready-ramp prior to launch or being recovered... and more often than not, roaring off the runway... right over my head.  Like 50 feet above my head.  Beautiful noise, Gentle Reader!  But then again, the Wing had three squadrons of F-16s, and those guys trained a LOT.  The C-130 guys?  Not so much, apparently.  And a C-130 shooting touch 'n' goes just doesn't have the same sort of presence as a flight of F-16s in full military power, either.

I miss those guys.


  1. Buck,
    I too miss the "sound of freedom" that only comes from a big ole turbojet. I used to work at the Naval Air Station in Patuxent River (the home of NAVAL AIR). There was always something zooming around in the sky. Mostly F-18's but there were EA-6B Prowlers, E-6A Mercury, a T-45 or two, some T-38's (flown by the Navy Test Pilot School), P-3's (uyk!!) and C-130's. There are always helo's lurking about from the many variants of the H-60, the new AH-1Y Cobra and UH-1Y Heuy's (new motors and rotors and they sound nothing like the 'classic' Snake and Heuy)the newer VH-71 for the President (foreign made and all that), plus some CH-53's and every now and then an CH-46. For a "plane" spotter it was near to heaven as you could get.

    Now I am doing some consulting in suburban Philly (near the homestead) and they specialize in civilian aircraft - the Eclipse 500, all manner of Cesena's and the PC-12. Yeah, the very aircraft that you called the "cute U-28) and they are. This company puts the flight instruments into the cockpit of the version being flown by the Air Force out of a little place in Florida, you may have heard of it. Hulbert Field!! Can't say anything more than that abut soon they will have the single largest user of these aircraft flown by any operator.

    But, like you said, not the same sound!!!

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  2. Young Buck, I think you are going to get my vote for the bravest guy I know. First the Huffington Post, then watching moonbats on The Washington Journal, then on to MSNBC. You are going to all the places the rest of us are loathe to go. BRAVO!

  3. Well said Towanda!!!

    That video is just damn funny! Thank you for sharing it!!!

  4. Jimmy: Wow! I am envious about your Pax River days! It may sound strange, but in my entire 22 years in the AF I was only stationed twice on bases with either active flying units or an aerial port: two years at Yokota AB (where I saw a LOT of trash haulers... and ONLY trash haulers) and two years at Tinker AFB, where I saw a lot of AWACS birds and the occasional fighter who RON'ed during a cross-country. (I was at Tinker before the ALC assumed responsibility for the BONE.) So... I was genuinely happy as the proverbial pig in it when I arrived in these parts nearly six years ago... (a) to be near a base with an active fighter wing and (b) to have a son who was "in the biz" and more than willing to show the Ol' Man around whenever he asked. And, alas... neither (a) nor (b) is true any longer.

    Sharon: I really like The Washington Journal... I used to watch it every morning before I got upside-down in my circadian rhythms. The callers are a right PITA (even the ones calling in on the "Republican" line, at times), but Brian Lamb seems to take great care in inviting guests from both sides of any given issue to hold forth. The best thing about WJ is the fact you don't get "sound bite" analysis, you get discourse that usually lasts at least 30 minutes with a knowledgeable person. Great good stuff.

    As for MS-NNBC... I hardly ever go there... today was a first class aberration. But, as I said, they were the ONLY ones broadcasting the Senate hearings.... which I really wanted to see!

    Cynthia: That vid IS a hoot, innit?

  5. I saw the video over at Doc's - wild is the word! Reminds me of my teaching days.

    As we drove through Altus, OK on our return from NM, we saw at least 4 of the big planes lumbering through the skies. I always like that. One was taking off and flew right over us - we got a good look at his belly. Unfortunately, I was driving and Toby got to gawk longer than I did.

    Wow, you went from "I don't think I will post" - to several interesting items posted. Good for you!

  6. Washington Journal? Ugh. I can barely stand to watch, or listen to, any sort of political call-in shows these days. Whatever side folks are on, it's usually just preachin' to the choir.

  7. I used to be a regular watcher of Washington Journal. Then I lost all my tolerance for listening to left wing baloney before I had a couple of cups of coffee in the morning. I didn't want to throw a lamp through my TV, so I quit watching it.

  8. Thanks for the link, Buck. Hope you're surviving the crash okay. ;-/


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