Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Les Frères Allman

Lots to do today, so blogging will take a back seat… priority-wise… until later today. In the meantime, here are a couple of my favorite Allman Bros tunes for you to enjoy… beginning with Statesboro Blues.

And now that we have your toes a tappin’, let’s slow it down:

Midnight Rider” is one of those tunes that got me through a LOT of hard times in the past, and it’s a song I still turn to…frequently. I looked (however briefly) on YouTube for Gregg’s solo version off of “Laid Back,” but couldn’t find it. This particular cut is the original track from “Idlewild South,” and would probably be classified as “definitive” by those who know a lot more about music than I do. And speaking of “Idlewild South”… I could go on and on about how that album changed my life… but I won’t.

Lucky you (yet again), Gentle Reader.


  1. "Les Brers In A Minor" "Elizabeth Reed" "Whipping Post" - too many more. Great, great band. Had the pleasure of seeing them (post-Duane and Berry, unfortunately) at Boston Garden, 1975. Great and electrifying show, even without those two. Dickie Betts just ripped it up that night.

  2. They were just superlative live. I saw 'em at the Cow Palace in SFO in either '72 or '73... can't remember which. And neither Berry nor Duane were with the incarnation I saw, either. The absolutely outstanding feature of that concert was the total bill... Charlie Daniels, Marshall Tucker Band, and The Allmans. We were nearly worn out by the time the Allmans took the stage. It was a hella night for boogie, lemmee tell ya!


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