Tuesday, December 25, 2007

USAF Santa Support

The folks (all volunteers) in the NORAD "Track Santa" boiler room, last year.

Santa arrives via F-15

Santa arrives in yet another F-15

Santa's Own F-16?

Santa in his A-10

Santa arriving via C-130

One wonders how the ol' guy manages to stay qualified in all these various airframes, not to mention passing his annual flight physical. But then again, there's probably a lil bit of Santa Magic at play here...and he does have the requisite flight experience. You cannot disregard the thousands upon thousands of multi-engine hours he has in his log book, eh?

(all official USAF photos)


  1. I never saw Santa on any airplane in my life. Not even on a MATS plane on the way across the Pacific with stops one way at Wake Island and the other way at Midway Island. The food at both places was exceptional and one place or the other was littered with Gooney Birds. But no Santa.

    The meals in the Army on Christmas were exceptional. Lots of stuff to eat and ice cream and nuts to boot.

  2. Abe: I've flown into/out of both Wake and Midway. And I got the classic reaction as I looked out the window at Wake as we made our final approach..."we're gonna land on THAT little postage-stamp?"

    We were on the ground for about two hours while the plane was refueled, and I gained a GREAT appreciation for some of the more isolated places our troops serve. Wake may have been warm and exotic, but there were limited recreational opportunities. As a matter of fact, I think the whole island turned out to gawk at the passengers on that flight of mine...who were mostly dependents, with a smattering of troops, being ferried to Japan. Change of scenery, and all that.

    Christmas dinner in the AF was always pretty danged good, too!


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