Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My. How Time Flies.

This is kinda cool, eh?
What the Hell IS this, you might ask? Well…the complete answer is here (and includes still photos, if the video is too quick and/or disconcerting), but basically, it’s…
Eight Years of Aging on Video
What does growing older look like?
A video from New York artist Jonathan Keller gives you a glimpse. Every day for more than eight years he has taken a photo of himself. The result is a striking time-lapse video depicting a man in his 20s turning into a man in his 30s.
Which, from my point of view, simply validates the fact we don’t change all that much in early adult-hood, aside from transitory things like hair styles, glasses, and all that. Now I’d like to see a similar time lapse video documenting the changes one goes through between…say… 45 and 55. Male or female, makes no nevermind to me.
OTOH, maybe not. I keep forgetting: “Be careful of what you ask for. You just might get it.”
(h/t: the NYT)
Today’s Site Meter Moment…With or Without Chickens?
Heh. The English majors amongst us cringe.


  1. As the chicken said whilst Googling "Buck-buck-buck-buckawww!" Boy, you sure do get some curious hits.
    I'd be offended, too - you're hardly some chicken outfit.

  2. This particular hit wasn't offensive as much as it was sad... I despair for a society whose members don't know the difference between coops and coupes... But, Hey! It all sounds the same, right? What's the Big Deal?


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