Friday, December 28, 2007

For Doc...

... a pic of my Rooshian hat. In case you're wondering, Gentle Reader, Doc's profile photo shows him in a hat of similar design and origins; I told him I'd post a pic of mine. And so I have.

I bought the hat in a flea market while on one of my business trips to Moscow in the early '90s. I wanted a Russian air force hat for what should be obvious reasons...but, alas, there were none to be found that day. So...I bought the hat you see here, in Russian Navy Blue, which... all credit to our Russian comrades... is actually blue (the leather bits, not the fur)...unlike US Navy "blue," which we all know is black. Those of us with unimpaired color vision, anyway.

Being the anal-retentive stickler for accuracy that I am, the hat emblem is also Russian Navy. I could have put Russian Air Force insignia on the hat and no one... I repeat, no one... outside of Russia would have been the wiser for it. Except me.

Psst....wanna read a good blog? Go here.


  1. Reminds me of the 'Fur Hat' that George lost on the Seinfeld episode where Elaine takes over for Peterman.

  2. I like the hat but not sure he likes it. LOL

  3. I love the hat! Could've used it here today. Sent my Dad (on the golf course in NC) a pix msg of the thermometer in my Jeep: 2 degrees. Brrrr.

  4. PS. Thanks for the good words too!

  5. went to the "good blog"...your is. Nice lid.

  6. Pat: I'm not up on my Seinfeld, so I'll assume that means the hat is good?

    Abe: When you say "not sure he likes it," who are you talking about?

    Doc: You live in a beautiful part of the world...but it DOES get cold! I was through your neck of the woods this past May and was struck by the physical beauty of the surroundings. I also had a LOT of time to take it in, given I passed through Colo Springs during the evening rush hour and the state of I-25 (massive construction).

    Jay: Doc IS good, ain't he?

  7. Reminds me of the Phillips guy (or the other Papa in Mamas and Papas) doing the California Dreaming proto-video. He was probably wearing the hat for a different reason, though.

    I'd link the YouTube if my brand new Audigy sound card didn't crash every time I visit online streaming.

  8. Boris, you're lookink fabulous! But maybe leetle too smiley for applyink job as Putin aide. Veel send wodka.

  9. I was thinking that is some great hat! But what the heck is that little box behind you?

    Did I mention that Toby may get to go to Moscow sometime in the future...I need a hat.

  10. reese sez: I'd link the YouTube if my brand new Audigy sound card didn't crash every time I visit online streaming.

    Wow, reese...NOT good. So much of what we do these days revolves around streaming video of one sort or another. I think I'd be reverting back to the ol' tried and true...

    Lin sez (in her best Boris Badenov): Veel send wodka.

    {sigh} I was gonna tell you specifically which brand I'd like to see someone...anyone... send, but I cannot. I went looking for a link to Russian anise-flavored vodka and came up (heh) dry. I guess either the Rooshians don't export the stuff, or we don't import it... for one reason or another.

    I was introduced to more than a few Russian domestic-only vodkas at the time I bought this hat, and my absolute favorite among them was the anise-flavored stuff. IIRC I brought back two liters of this magic potion, and it didn't last long. My friends liked it, too.

    Ya know...I really need to write about those trips. I've been saying this as long as the blog has been in existence but haven't been able to "get it together."

    Lou sez: But what the heck is that little box behind you?

    There are several little boxes, including the stereo system "boxes," which are...from right to left (in the photo): power amp, pre-amp/tuner (upon which the framed photo sits), and my cassette deck...upon which sit a Partagas cigar box, a small box of Indian incense, and a small blue cigar box. The light brown object sitting at an angle behind me is a stereo speaker.

    Wow...Toby might go to Moscow? WHAT an adventure, in many, many more ways than one! And when it comes to hats, Lou, the one you see is but one example. The Russian fur hats for women are simply incredible... every sort of fur known to man in every sort of style. The white fox and sable ones I saw were spectacular, assuming the fur was real.

    I asked TSMP if she wanted one during our phone conversations and before I left for the second and subsequent trips...but she said "no." Her loss. I'm sure she'd put one to good use up in Colorado these days.

  11. I thought the box said, "Fartagas". My mistake:)


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