Tuesday, November 20, 2007


We’re all about the weather today, eh? This evening’s sunset, which… as you can plainly see… was predominately pastels. Sometimes we get these flaming red, gold, and indigo blue sunsets and at other times they are as you see here. Sunsets are a lot like raising children: I don’t have favorites; I love ‘em all.

As always, click for larger.


  1. Something about those colors that soothe the soul.

  2. Nice Thanksgiving sky there Buck....HAVE A GREAT THANSGIVING!

  3. High desert sunsets (and sunrises) make it worth living in the high desert!


  4. Neat thing about the sunsets out here, always different and interesting.

    Have a great Thanksgiving, Buck! If we were staying home, I would invite you out. But, we are off to my SILs in Lubbock first thing in the morning. Someday we will have you out for a good meal.

  5. FG sez: High desert sunsets (and sunrises) make it worth living in the high desert!

    Absolutely. And I saw some brilliant ones while stationed in the middle of the Mojave in the waaay-back. Come to think on it, SoCal had some of the most brilliant sunsets and some of the most improbable colors I've ever seen, period. But those sunsets...mostly viewed In LA...were in the "bad ol' days" before we got serious about pollution controls. Read that as: early 1960s.

    The best thing about sunsets, though, is that it really doesn't matter where you are...city, country, mountains, desert, or the coast...any coast. They're ALL good! (IMHO)


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