Friday, October 19, 2007

Today's Pic

Today’s Pic: This morning’s sunrise Ten minutes (or so; maybe 15) before dawn over the Super Eight…crystal clear (self-evident), cold (37 frickin’ degrees!), and best of all…calm. Nary a breeze at all. After 48 hours of being immersed in the maelstrom calm is welcome, indeed. Miss Zukiko is gonna stretch her legs today. Fer shure.
Speaking of wind… I had to laugh while watching the WX Channel last night. One of their reporters was going on about the wind in Chicago yesterday… “gusts of 30 mph!” Granted, there was more than that; some Chicago suburb recorded a gust of 71 mph and that exceeded what we got during the last couple of days here in P-Ville. But only by 15 mph or so. Our winds at one point yesterday were 35 mph steady, with gusts exceeding 50. And that’s what I saw with my very own eyes.
Flag Gazer... Thanks for the tip about the cache. Dunno if it's coincidence or what...but I cleared my cache and Wallah! A Pic, posted.


  1. I shake my head when my stepmother tells me that the wind is just howling outside (Georgia) and to us it would only be a breeze. LOL!

  2. Ohhh ... that photo with all those orange and red hues make it look so toasty warm! You've convinced me to move to NM!

    No winds here today either but Mark find a weather warning for more tomorrow. Batten down the Rat!

  3. That should be Mark 'found', not 'find'. You never find typos until AFTER you hit Publish.

    Batten down the Zook, too!

  4. No, mate, you took that shot in the Outback here in Australia.

    I really enjoy your work, Buck - and that shot is more than ten Bucks' worth!!!

    Good to see you have Old Man Lincoln among your Favourites - I think you'd like Mushy and Fat Hairy Bastard as well - they're both on my Favourites.

    PS: Clearing your cache is always a great idea.

    Do keep in touch

  5. Jenny: I had a friend come through a while back and it was breezy... not like yesterday or the day before...just "normal." As she was leaving she looked at me and said "Jeeze! The wind! Is it always like this?" I grinned and said "No, sometimes it's worse. A lot worse." I'm not sure she believed me...

    Lin sez: that photo with all those orange and red hues make it look so toasty warm! You've convinced me to move to NM!

    LOL! As if you needed convincing, Lin. The only problem is... it was COLD. Which is why all y'all only got "pre-dawn" color. I went back in the house well before the sun came up. Hot coffee and a warm house beat the cold outdoors, hands down.

    Thanks for the kind words, David.

  6. Glad it worked!

    We woke up to our first snow! It melted as soon as the sun hit it, but COLD in the high desert of Oregon, too!


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