Monday, October 22, 2007

Memo for Record


A short time ago, I wrote in jest about what I would do if I am elected president. Of course, that was written all in good fun.

Like most of you, over the summer and into the fall, I've been watching, listening, studying and praying about who could lead this country as our next president.

I won't leave you in suspense. Though Giuliani might be savvy enough to lead people, Fred Thompson wise enough to wade through the tides of politics, McCain tough enough to fight terrorism and Romney business-minded enough to grow our economy, I believe the only one who has all of the characteristics to lead America forward into the future is ex-Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Chuck Norris

So…peeples…if you know what’s GOOD for you, you’ll pay attention.

More here.

(Note: This post doesn’t constitute an official EIP endorsement of a specific candidate for the upcoming presidential election. But it’s really, really, really close.)


  1. I've been more or less endorsing Thompson the past few months. I haven't really looked at Huckabee. I guess the stigma of "Arkansas governor" scares me. I mean, look at the last one (and the bitch of a wife who thinks POTUS should be her title). I'll have to look him up. No matter who wins the primary, even if it's Guilani, I absolutely will not vote for Clinton or Obama. Just his name is a bit scary. Too much like Osama to me. shudder

  2. I've been following Huckabee for awhile. He seems like an unusually genuine guy, for a politician. I like his stands on just about everything except for parts of his social conservatism. I might be willing to overlook that fact, though, because he doesn't seem to have any unkindness in him. He certainly "gets" the war on Islamic terrorism and I have no doubt that he he would stand strong on that issue.

    Your "more here" link on him was helpful, Buck.

  3. I like his positions on a lot of issues, but I've all-but-eliminated him due to his position on immigration which I consider to be wishy-washy. He's a fence-builder finger-waggler. Which means he waggles his finger at us for being racists on the immigration issue -- then supports the fence, apparently figuring it's a safe position. And it is, but it borders on self-contradiction. If we should be more open to labor from out of the country, and he doesn't seem to want to address the national security implications of an uncontrolled and uncurtailed labor influx...why build a fence?

    I further think he could be a little more flexible in other areas, notably the LGBT issues and the abortion issue. Not that I have a problem with him being such a buckle-shoe blunderbuss toting Sunday School boy there, ideologically; it just makes it more certain that he'll lose in a general election. So as a nominee he brings a danger of losing that I find unacceptable.

    Fred Thompson makes it just as big an issue about WHO will decide something, as HOW it is decided. You go to his "positions" page on Wiki, and the very first sub-heading is FEDERALISM. That's the way it should be with everyone. This is what the country needs now. Less of the "pro-" and "anti-"; a little bit more of the "what's the proper level at which this should be addressed?"

    I would further add that while there may very well be some good reasons to give the nomination to someone besides Fred, thus far, I haven't heard any. Thompson's shortcomings, stated by those who are supporting his competition, are always super-lame. Like "He looks sickly" or "I'm not sure I can trust an actor" -- and those are the most solid two. The other reasons go downhill from there. At this point, he's still batting a thousand.

    But the really big thing is terrorism. Generally, I'm of the mind that violent crime is committed by a finite membership of individuals, and terrorism is no exception. They are not a renewable crop, like carrots. If we kill enough of 'em, it'll stop. I know a lot of people don't want me to think that, but I really have no reason not to. And I just don't know if Huckabee will sustain the Bush/Cheney "dead terrorists per month" rate. I'm pretty sure Thompson would meet or exceed it. He'd probably serve 'em up extra crispy, and of course that'd be even better. With grotesque expressions of horror and agony frozen on their dirty dead terrorist faces. That'd make me happy.

  4. I live the way Morgan thinks. In addition to the points he makes I think that Fred is a class act and I think he would stand tall as the president.

  5. I reckon it'd be a good thing to have a White House resident called Chuck!!

  6. Jenny: Huckabee jokes about being "the OTHER 'Man from Hope'." His delivery is quite good on that point.

    Bec: I pretty much agree with you. I'm not aligned with the "social conservatism" aspect of most of the Republican candidates. Right off the top of my head, the only two candidates I agree/identify with on social issues are Guiliani and that idiot (in nearly ALL other aspects) Ron Paul. All that said, I've not yet made up my mind. But Huckabee strikes me as a pol who can lead...has led, and led effectively. And he does seem more sincere than most. (Who was it that said "The key is sincerity. Once you learn to fake that, you've got it made."?)

    Morgan: Fair points, but methinks you're being a bit too critical on Huckabee. I think he'd deliver as many dead terrorists as Thompson. And no matter what the "round 'em up and deport 'em" crowd sez (a la Tancredo), the immigration issue is probably as thorny, if not thornier, than any other issue we face. I'm looking for someone who will enforce the existing law, implement viable border controls, and arrive at some sort of consensus decision/solution about what to do with the 16+ million illegals that are already here. That's damned difficult to actually DO. No one has rung my bell on the immigration thing yet. There are no lack of folks who appeal to my dark side, but not many...none, actually... who appeal to my rational side.

    My main issue with Thompson is his lack of a track record when it comes to leadership. Being a senator isn't enough, in my book, nor is being an AEI Fellow. Thompson doesn't have a whole helluva lot of accomplishment to point to in the senate. He is intelligent and charismatic. But can he lead? There's no evidence that says he can. There's anecdotal evidence that indicates he has problems leading...or at the very least, managing. And do you really trust someone who displays this serious lack of judgment? I mean...really. ;-)

    Dan: I like the way Morgan thinks, too. A lot.

    David: Hey Buddy!

  7. Two things I forgot to mention:
    I like Huckabee's urgent focus on the Law of the Seas issue. And the Chuck Norris bit was funny!

  8. Low blow, m'friend, low blow. DH2 sucked at least as much. :D

  9. Morgan sez: Low blow, m'friend, low blow. DH2 sucked at least as much. :D

    I know, yet still...I couldn't resist. OTOH, if our mutual hero could overcome this travesty, there's hope for Fred.

  10. Bec: There's lotsa stuff I'm not up to speed on, and the Law of the Seas issue is one of 'em. I'm vaguely aware there's controversy in this space, but I know not the details.

    And there's just SO much Norris humor out there it was hard to choose just one example to link. I got an e-mail from SN1 not long ago with about 50 (or so) fighter-pilot Norris-isms, 90 percent of which were so jargon-laden as to be completely over my head. Talk about "specialized language!" Sheesh!

    Glad you liked it!

  11. Buck says,
    Bec: There's lotsa stuff I'm not up to speed on, and the Law of the Seas issue is one of 'em. I'm vaguely aware there's controversy in this space, but I know not the details.

    I hadn't heard about it either until a couple of weeks ago when Huckabee talked about it. Here's someone else who's knowledgeable and, if I remember correctly, he's one of your favorite guys. :) John Cornyn

  12. Afraid I've given up on the GOP, which leaves me far out to the right of anybody running.....I would throw my weight behind the Constitution Party:

    2 things make me hold out though...(1) they can't win

    (2) they are basically against the war in Iraq(no problem there) and in essence, the war on terror(big problem there).

    What's a far right Christian(non fundy), like me to do?


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