Thursday, October 04, 2007


Via blog-buddy Morgan...

Dang. BIG brass ones.
You GO, Dude.


  1. Way to go!!!
    Maybe the owners of the Mexican flag couldn't comment because he can't speak any English? LOL!

  2. Big brass ones indeed!

    Now that is my kind of fella!

    (Ok, I could do without the lengthy beard, but why quibble over trivialities when the man's got character.

  3. I think those Mex boys saw the size of this Vets knife, and decided they better leave well enough along....the guy deserves a medal.

  4. HYow'd I miss this one - it's great!

    Leave it to a vet to have the balls to still defend this country. I love him!!!!

  5. Good for him. Most people would not have said or done anything. Give him a medal.
    The only unfortunate thing is I have seen Americans fly the US flag higher here than the Canadian flag.

  6. Hey Buck..Luv Your Lifestyle much as me. Many same interests,No Cycles though. Terry Sawchuck MY GOALIE HERO a HABS Fan.
    Don't do movies..but "The Great Escape" Steve McQueen my Fav.
    Can't decide The female Star..TOO MANY. Cheers.....ST

  7. Thanks for this video. For moose, flag etiquette (sp?) states only that no flag be flown higher than the American flag. Nations thus fly their own flags at the same height. Problem solved. Those Yanks who don't know this have never been in the service.

  8. Yep, I love it. Huge balls on that guy. Those vatos forgot where they were.

  9. Jenny: God only knows what those guys were thinking, eh?

    Becky: Character is an understatement!

    Pat: Agreed.

    Lin: as noted elsewhere, your d/l must include everyone and their mom. Thanks!

    Phlegmmy: Thanks again for the link!

    Alphonse: Some Americans simply don't have good manners. And as Catmoves notes, a poor understanding of flag etiquette.

    SMT: Hockey fans are always welcome here at EIP! ('cept maybe for those rabid Avs fans. It's been long enough since Toronto and the Wings were in the same conference that I've learned to accept 'em...) Thanks for the other kind words!

    Catmoves: You beat me to it on the flag etiquette thingie. I was gonna add Boy and Girl Scouts as well as the military...

    FHB: One wonders if they forgot where they were or if they were trying to incite something, anything. But, as Pat notes, once they saw the size of that K-Bar they thought again.

    Thank you all for dropping by!


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