Thursday, September 27, 2007

Disrupted, We Are

So. The early arrival of Miss Zukiko kinda knocked life into a cocked hat. Actually, buying Miss Zukiko disrupted life as we know it here at El Casa Móvil De Pennington. I really have a lot of backlogged but mundane stuff to do…like restock the larder, wash the Green Hornet, get a haircut, and that most hated of all chores: laundry. Laundry can and will wait until tomorrow, as I’ve yet to dip into the emergency supply of vintage clothing. But the re-supply run absolutely, positively must occur today. I’m nearly out of coffee and other mission-essential items. I’ve already fired one J-4 because I ran out of one thing or another…I don’t want to have to do that again.
Here’s an interesting lil collection of pictures and a short narrative about the Isle of Man TT races 20 years ago.
It’s not much of an island, really, the Isle of Man. Just 33 miles long and 12½ wide, it lies quietly in the Irish Sea, midway between England and Northern Ireland. But for 100 years now, as May gives way to June, the Isle of Man grows exponentially in stature as it welcomes thousands upon thousands of motorcyclists, there to take part in TT Week, one of the sport’s great happenings.
Twenty years ago, I was one of those thousands, riding a Cagiva 650SS up from the riveted bowels of the ferry ship Lady of Man onto the dockside at Douglas, the Island’s capital city. I was there as part of Cycle World’s assault on the TT, spearheaded by Editor-at-Large Steve Thompson, riding a Suzuki GSX-R750 in the Production race.
I’ve told you before, Gentle Reader, that my absolute PEAK motorcycling experience was when I went to the IoM TT in 1982. If you follow the link you’ll get some small idea of what it’s like to be in the Isle of Man during TT week. There’s nothing else in all the motorcycling world that can compare. Nothing. Don’t even try to tell me Daytona or Sturgis come close, because they don’t. Key difference? Racing speeds up to (and exceeding) 150 mph on winding public roads, through towns, up hills and over dales. Not to mention the fabulous OKell’s…taken with a hearty whiff of bean oil as the racers flash by. Ah, memories. It simply doesn’t get any better than the IoM during TT week. For bikers, anyway.
(Photo credit: Grant and Susan Johnson. More excellent photos and narrative at the link.)
Seen this yet? Way kewl. And addicting. (h/t: A Soldier’s Wife)
I’ll be back after the re-supply run.
Update: Forgot to mention that the IoM government issues a commemorative coin each year for the TT races. I have a couple laying about in the souvenir stash, somewhere. This particular 50-pence coin isn't mine, but it's representative. Click for larger.


  1. Please, don't wash the Green Hornet yet!! Still have hay on the ground! Wait a day or two, we should have that last 60 acres baled up tonight and into the wee hours of the morning (he will come stumbling in about 2am or so).

  2. I can see why the IoM race would be quite exciting and be the "peak motorcylce experience." Jesse went for a ride last night. She just toodled around the country roads here. She needs to go take the written test to get her cycle license.

  3. Hey, if reincarnation were an actuality....I'd want to come back as someone with your inate sense of adventure...way cool about racing....and I miss my miata...told my daughters on the way to school...that I was looking at a Z4, the lightbulbs sort of went off behind their eyes as to who would end up with that in college.....little do they know that I'd keep it! :D

    I gotta wash my baby today, and figure out how to get the Harley out of the Garage for the Man...we are T-minus 48 and counting until he returns home!!!!

    Love the coin too....very cool.

  4. Jenny: Didja finish with the hay? I won't wash the GH today...too windy. But she sure is looking ragged, what with not being washed in a week or so.

    Lou: The pic you posted of Jess at the MSF school was cool. Those Honda 250s have changed a bit (and for the better, too) since I last looked at 'em. The written test will be a no-brainer for her, I'm sure.

    Hey ASW! Thanks for the kind words! If I were one of your daughters the lights would go off in MY mind too, when you mention a Z4. That car has at least one thing I wish the Miata had: more power.

    48 hours...that's both a short amount of time and an eternity. Get that Harley cleaned up and get ready!! ;-)


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