Sunday, June 24, 2007

YouTube, Portales Edition

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  1. Sounds like the City Pool of Portales is THE happening place for the summer. That and cosmetology school.

    Life should be so simple...

  2. Yeehaw. Aren't we a bunch of rednecks! LOL!

    Actually, pretty cool that Brooke Reed was on there. She is going to be a senior this year at our school, she and I are friends (her dad has the Farmer's Insurance Place over on 2nd street by Wells Fargo). Sweet girl. I've watched her grow up and she isn't supposed to be a senior yet! Where does the time go!

    But some of those others. eek! Redneck central!

  3. I once broke down in Grady, NM. Bo and I sat there on Main St. watching the few cars come through town while waiting on parts for our truck. Then long about 2:00 the town pool opened. People and cars came out of the woodwork to head to the swimming pool. It was the big excitement all day.

  4. Jenny: I was wondering if you knew young Brooke when I first saw this. I figured you did, and I'm pretty sure there ain't too many people in Floyd you don't know. That said, Brooke was about the only person in that vid who impressed me! (With the understanding that kids are kids...and most were kids.)

    Kris said: Life should be so simple...

    Around here it is... ;-)

  5. bagblog: Grady has a pool!? Wow! Wish Floyd was that big!

    Glad you didn't put Brooke in there with the rest of the rednecks. LOL! She is a smart girl, president of her class and a sports star. She didn't get to play any basketball last year after someone rear ended her on the way to regional volleyball tourney. She has had some problems recovering (really bad headaches when she runs), but hopefully will be well enough to play for her senior year. She has a brother that plays on the ENMU football team.

  6. I'll mention one more thing, then shut up. Most of the ones they interviewed at the pool work there. Brooke has been teaching swim lessons and life guarding for 3 years now.

  7. Your point is well taken on your last, Jenny. My original intent on posting the video was to illustrate the simple (and desirable) nature of small-town life, warts and all. A summer of hanging out at the pool is a lot better than some other, big-city type "entertainment" that comes to my admittedly semi-perverted mind...

  8. Well... my town isn't a city, I guess that is why we don't have a city pool. There is the pool in the high school. But nobody goes there in summer, because probably 70% of the people have a pool in their yard. If those people are bored and have a computer, I have lots of work they can do. LOL!


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