Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Save Internet Radio!!

So. I turned on the computer this morning and after I got the coffee started I went to the “listen” section of Radio Paradise to turn on the radio stream and what do I see? This:

All day today, Radio Paradise is joining hundreds of other US-based webcasters in discontinuing our normal programming, and asking our listeners for help in our fight to stay online and continue broadcasting.

Please contact your members of Congress now via SaveNetRadio.org and ask them to support the legislation currently pending that would set an Internet radio royalty rate that is fair to all involved: stations, listeners, artists, and record companies.

The US Copyright Office has set a royalty fee structure for Internet radio that is — in almost all cases — at least 10 times greater than the royalties paid by any other type of radio, anywhere in the world. No existing Internet radio services would be able to operate profitably under this fee structure. It would mean the end of stations like Radio Paradise, and the end of the royalty payments to artists that we're currently making.

Don't believe the record industry propaganda that says that Internet radio is trying to deprive artists and labels of fair royalty payments. Under the legislation we're supporting, we would still be paying a higher royalty rate than any other class of broadcaster in the US.

Please contact your members of Congress now via SaveNetRadio.org and urge them to take action before the new rates take effect on July 15th. With your help and support, we are confident that sanity will prevail in DC (at least on this issue...). We'll resume normal programming tonight at midnight (PST).

I contacted my representative and both my senators. I’m not sure if expressing my opinion is actually gonna help, but it sure as Hell won’t hurt. If you have a spare minute today, please call or write your congresscritters and help save internet radio…details at the link above. If you don’t want to call, please write. The senate has a form-based application for contacting senators via e-mail; the house has a list of members e-mail addresses. This is what I sent my reps; feel free to cut and paste if you so desire:

Dear Representative Brady:

Below is a cut and paste from SaveNetRadio.org:


I am a constituent and I'm calling to ask you to save Internet radio by co-sponsoring the Internet Radio Equality Act.


The Copyright Royalty Board's decision to increase royalty rates for webcasters is going to turn off my Internet radio and I do NOT want that to happen. Please co-sponsor the Internet Radio Equality Act.


I believe that artists should be fairly compensated for the music they make, but putting my webcasters out of business will only hurt artists more. They depend on Internet radio to get their music out to fans and build new audiences. When the webcasters go off the air, so do artists. Please co-sponsor the Internet Radio Equality Act.


Internet radio is one of the only bright spots for independent music and diversity. We NEED Internet radio. Don't turn it off. Co-sponsor the Internet Radio Equality Act.

I am a BIG fan of internet radio and listen to Radio Paradise every single day....except today, because they're participating in the "Internet Radio Day of Silence." It's a taste of what would happen if the Copyright Royalty Board's ill-advised decision to raise royalty rates for internet radio is put into effect. And I don't like going without my favorite radio station, even for one single day.

I would hate to lose my favorite radio station because of an arbitrary ruling by a regulatory agency, not a legislative body. You have it in your power to ensure such a thing doesn't happen...simply by voting for the Internet Radio Equality Act. I know there are lots of pressing issues on your plate, but this is an issue that impacts small business as well as hundreds of thousands of consumers who enjoy internet radio.

Please support and vote for the Internet Radio Equality Act.
Buck Pennington
Exile in Portales

I’d hate to lose RP…the station has become a part of my life. A very good part of my life.

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