Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Fruits of This Morning’s Labors…

So. Remember last week I said I was gonna get outside and wash and wax The Green Hornet? Well, I made it outside, only to decide that 60 degrees was just a bit too chilly to play around in the water. I blew it off, in other words.
Not so this morning. I was done with the coffee and as much surfing as I felt I could take by 0830 today, chiefly because I got up at oh-dark-thirty this morning. And that included putting up today’s main post. And it was warm outside…75 degrees already.
Ergo: wash and wax the car. Done by 1100. And this is the result, Gentle Reader. She doesn’t look too bad for a six and a half year old, eh? (Click for larger...and to see her in ALL her glistening glory. Heh.)
Today. P-Town.


  1. Looks purdy. My arms hurt just looking at it. But then that is a bit smaller area than if I did mine.

  2. My arms hurt just looking at it.

    I cheat. While I put the wax on by hand, I take it off with an orbital polisher. Less pain, more speed, good results.


  3. Ahh, pretty. Just in time for the rain we are going to get this evening! LOL! Do me a favor? Don't wash it again til next week. Let my husband get finished planting BEFORE it rains!


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