Friday, June 29, 2007


I’ve been pretty much glued to the TeeVee this morning watching all the brouhaha from London…and it’s significant. Significant in that major loss of life was prevented, either serendipitously and courageously by the police or through ineptness on the part of the bombers; significant in that traffic in central London has probably been a mess all day; significant in that other bombs may have been planted (a suspicious vehicle was found in Park Lane); and significant in the speculation about just who the perps are.

Developing, as it’s said.

Lots of on-line detail here (with photos), here, and here.


  1. I find it's also significant that the new Prime Minister has only been in office for what, days? Almost like testing the waters to see what would happen.

    I, however, haven't been watching any TV today. I lost control long ago. It's been dominated by Disney and PBSKids. I've also been working in the garden. But can always catch the headlines online.

  2. I am totally clueless, this is the first I have heard of anything going on. Will need to get up to speed.

  3. I've been worried about this.

    Also, reading this month's American Legion article on the Balkans didn't help. "The Balkan Blowback" and "The 'successful war' we lost in Kosovo. American has itself to blame for giving terrorism a toehold in Europe." :(

    When people say that the Balkans was successful and Iraq is not, well... let's just say they haven't studied it enough. (And that include me until recently!)

  4. Jenny: Agreed on the "testing the waters" thingie...this was mentioned several times by the talking heads yesterday... And yeah, yesterday was Brown's second day in office.

    Bec: I'm pretty clue-free about the Balkans. Not much at all in the news about them, these days.

  5. The fact that the assault on Fort Dix was done by Albanians and then reading stuff like this:
    A Balkan Base for Al Qaeda? is making me wonder if we're paying close enough attention to this "other front."

    Other than that, I'm having a pleasant, though busy, summer. :)

  6. Came by your page when looking at recent updates. I am currently in London and am pretty troubled by today's events in Glasgow. It's nice to see that folks across the pond are also paying attention. I was worried when I learned there would be a new PM here. Also July 4 and 7th are worrisome.

    Anyways..Nice blog. If you're interested check mine out.


  7. I only caught a little news, but I felt like cheering for the guys who were able to stop the terrorism rather than take the blame when bombs blow up.

    Jennifer G, we are concerned and we do care.


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