Sunday, May 27, 2007

In Two Parts...One

Today's Pic Plane Pr0n: Two of my favorite WW II aircraft—the P-51 and the P-47 (three, actually, if you count the fact the P-51 is under the wing of a B-17). The former is perhaps the most beautiful fighter ever built and the latter, although considered butt-ugly by some, was perhaps the most effective and rugged fighter aircraft…ever. Your mileage most certainly will vary.
May 25th, at the Hill Aerospace Museum.

Editorial Rant: I am SO frickin' frustrated, disgusted, and absolutely PISSED at my inability to get Blogger to work with MS-Word on SN1's PC. Today's post is in two parts because I (a) cannot cut and paste images after uploading them and (b) seemingly cannot implement the work-around that worked the day before yesterday... i.e., paste elements of my post in between the pics. Please forgive the amateurish layout of the blog. It WILL return to normal when I get back home. Until then...I beg your indulgence, Gentle Reader.

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  1. "Thunderbolt" by Robert S. Johnson W/ Martin Caidin. The 56th fighter group flying Thunderbolts shot down 1006 German aircraft to 128 Thunderbolts lost.


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