Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Ah…dog poop. Probably one of the (very) minor reasons my second marriage failed…coz The Second Mrs. Pennington was largely in charge of the particularly odious chore—following behind three dogs, including two pretty good-sized ones—let’s say about 90% of it. And she never hesitated to point out that fact to me. But then again, maybe not. TSMP killed both dogs that were left in our home the week she found out she was pregnant with SN3 (not literally, of course. The vet did the actual dirty work.) She left two years later and hadn’t picked up a whole helluva lot of dog poop…none, in fact… during the intervening time. But I digress. Even though there’s a story in there.

The Mom’s Day image comes from new-to-me blog TGAW…who has great pics of Glacier National Park, in addition to providing me with this “wouldn’t it be great but it would NEVER frickin’ happen in real life” Mom’s Day illustration. Thanks, TGAW!!

Remind me to write about Glacier…some day.

But, seriously. Happy Mother’s Day to all my favorite Moms, and even to those who aren’t my favorites. I’ll remain cryptic on that last.

Back in a bit with hockey stuff you probably won’t read. But you know there may be more, Gentle Reader.


  1. Hey!
    Thanks for the link! I think it would be hard to *not* take great pictures of Montana and Glacier National Park. It is stunning there!

    Thanks again!
    Vicky (TGAW)

  2. Great pictures! Putting on list of places I should go some day.

  3. Hey Vicki! I looked all over your blog for an "about me" section so I could get your name, but obviously didn't look hard enough, eh?

    And yeah, you're'd have to be a rank, rank amateur to not take great pics in Glacier. And you did good (not to flog that horse TOO much)! :-) really should go. Glacier is a decidedly magical place.

  4. Thanks for the Mother's Day greetings. One of the best things about living in the country is that I have 75 acres for the dogs to poop on. It is the geese that are a problem right now.

  5. Well under your recommendation, I renamed a page to "About Me" and actually included my name! :)

  6. I loved that cartoon the first time you posted it, and I still love it. My dogs are well trained, so I don't have to worry about picking up poop. They go out in the cow pasture behind the house.

    Yes, there was a tornado that touched down in my county last night. Fortunately, I was not in its path. I haven't heard of any deaths associated with it, but I do know of some significant property damage. Thank you for asking.

  7. Blogger ate my comment. Thanks for posting the card. I downloaded it, and made my own Mother's Day card for Pam.

    Saved me a trip to the Dollar Store.


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