Saturday, May 19, 2007

Another "Quick Update"

The Weather Gods smiled upon us today, sorta. Bob-O and I suited up around 1000 hrs (or so) and rode into downtown Fort Collins and walked around a bit, making the de rigeur stop at Starbucks, of course.

After our walkabout we motored four miles just outside FC to La Porte, which is where Bobby actually lives. Bobby showed me his house and then we had lunch at La Porte Pizza... a fave of his. As we left the pizzeria I noticed the sky had clouded up considerably, and since (a) Bobby has no rain gear and (b) I left mine at the hotel, I decided discretion was the better part of valor and suggested we return to the Courtyard, post haste. Bobby agreed.

We got spit on a little bit during the 15 minute ride back to the hotel...just enough rain to see on our face shields, but not enough to get us wet. As I said...the Weather Gods smiled upon us.

I'm pretty sure the Weather Gods have not smiled upon SN1. The weather looks pretty rainy between here and Utah. We're anxiously awaiting his call to let us know he's in the area. Nothing yet, but I'm not really expecting him until around 1800 hrs or so. He got off to a late start...leaving around 0945 this morning...and it's about an eight-hour ride from Layton to Fort Collins...longer if he hit rain and such, as I'm sure he has.

More later...


  1. It sounds like you are having a great time with SN3. I look forward to some pictures when you get back. As for the good weather - I guess I will keep praying - it seems to be working.

  2. Well, good thing you ain't home. It rained again this evening. And something happened to P-ville's water main. No water in town. My hubby had to take one of the fire tanker trucks from Floyd to town and wait on standby in case a fire broke out somewhere, since the P-ville station can't fill up their trucks for the time being. Never a dull moment around here! LOL!

  3. Keep praying, Lou!! We're running out of luck... SN1 and I checked the WX between here and SLC: rain all the way, but it's "scattered t-storms." We're gonna hit the road in about an hour or so, and are planning on taking two-lane roads across the mountains and avoid the Super-Slab. Should be interesting! ;-)

    Jenny sez: And something happened to P-ville's water main.

    Again? That's strange...wasn't it about a year ago when we had a water main break and were without water for about a day, if I recall correctly? Maybe it was longer...

    But you're right...good thing I'm not home!

  4. Yup, again. Around the same place as the water break last year. So, more than likely, you have no water at la casa. Some milk trucks are at the Baptist Church parking lot filled with water if you had to have some. They even cancelled P-ville schools for today (wonder if they will make it up this close to school being out? This week is the last week of school).


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