Friday, December 22, 2006

In Yesterday's Mail

Today’s Pic: This year’s BEST Christmas Card, from blog-friend Lou. You may have seen this painting before…as a “Painting of the Week” over at Lou’s place. What a wonderful sunny scene! Thanks, Lou!! As always, click the pic for the larger version; sorry about the parallax distortion.


  1. Thanks Buck, I thought you might like the sunny picture with a bottle of wine and glass. I actually painted a nude in Prague, but it looked like Gulliver's Travels gone wrong (nude in foregrown and Prague in the distance). I need to work on my watercolor people, too. I was much to much in a hurry. When is your birthday :)

  2. ...but it looked like Gulliver's Travels gone wrong...

    LOL, Lou! I'm imagining this...and you should see the visuals!! :-)

    I'm grateful for what you sent. The scene could be Italy, could be Spain, could be Turkey, could be here in New Mexico. In other words, it's a perfect scene... reminiscent of places I've been and have yet to go.

  3. I need to take a picture of the card I received from Lou. After Christmas it is going to be proudly added to my Soldiers' Angels display poster board.

    Pssst, Lou.... his birthday is in March.


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