Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Blackbird Redux

Today’s Pic(s): As the title of this post indicates, two more shots of the SR-71 at the Strategic Air and Space Museum near Omaha. I apologize for the quality of the images. The excuse explanation is the photos were taken with a first-generation digital camera, whose sensor sported a mere one megapixel. But, the pics do give one an idea, however grainy, of the subject matter. As always, click the pic for the larger image.

We must never forget that freedom is never really free.” Words to remember.

A couple of fun links from today’s Lileks: Bollywood action movie FX and Bugger! (an Aussie ad). Both will make ya smile at the very least.

And now it’s off to tap out the final installment of “A Lengthy Reminiscence.” I think.


  1. When did you come through Mildenhall? I was there from 78 to 81. We were probably there during the same time. We would support the Beale troops drinking habits when they would come across the pond.

  2. I was at RAF Uxbridge from mid '80 until mid '83, so ya, we were in Ol' Blighty at the same time! I used to go up to Mildenhall periodically to liaise with Higher Headquarters, or to catch the C-130 to Ramstein. And go to the BX, of course...coz we had no facilities at Uxbridge, which was a true RAF installation. Meaning that my unit, the 2119th Comm Squadron, was the one and only USAF tenant unit at Uxbridge. RAF Uxbridge has quite an interesting history, and is one of the older RAF installations. And seeing as how it was the last stop on the Metropolitan tube line, it was a great place to be stationed!

  3. Those are great pictures - too cool!


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