Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kerry's Contempt...and...Winter Approaches!

John F(rickin’). Kerry, at Pasadena City College yesterday, during a campaign rally for Phil Angelides, Democrat candidate for CA governor:

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

And the audience’s reaction? From the San Gabriel Valley Tribune: “ ‘If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq,’ he said to a mixture of laughter and gasps.” I’d really like to know what the laughter/gasp mix was…25/75? 50/50? 60/40? 75/25? God only knows, but some of us have our suspicions. These were Democrats, after all.

Still and even…a slip of the tongue is revealing, no? This from the man who fancies himself as Commander-in-Chief. Call it what you will, I say it’s contempt. Sorta like being in uniform and tossing “your” medals over the White House fence; that kind of contempt. Or not. Or maybe. Whatever. That sort of thing.

Folks with more on the subject: The American Thinker, Captain Ed, Michelle Malkin, Cassandra. The American Thinker’s post is brief and has a couple of good quotes and links on Liberal/elite thought on the military. When (not if, trust me) you go over to Cassandra’s place, scroll down and read her cheerleading for the Jarhead Valour IT team. Pretty funny stuff, that. She’s a great Team Leader!

From Brit Hume’s Special Report:

If you are a satanist or pagan in prison in Great Britain — you get Halloween off. The Daily Mail cites official documents saying devil worshipers and other devotees of the dark side will be excused from their work assignments tomorrow out of respect for their religious beliefs — and so the government won't be sued.

Pagans can choose two days off per year from eight of their festivals. Christians can have three days off — Christmas, Good Friday and Easter. Muslims get 26 days off — including all of Ramadan.

Interesting, eh? What struck me as odd, however, is the great disparity in days off granted to Muslims and those given to others. Just sayin’.

Pat Santy has a lengthy but interesting post up about the Democrats and the election. An excerpt:

The exception that the political left wants to make sure all of you retards out there are perfectly clear about is this: They want you to think that the only way the Republicans could keep their majority; the only way the Democrats would not "sweep" and take over in the 2006 midterm elections next week is...wait for it...if the Republicans cheated.

The first meme was simply annoying. The giddy self-congratulations; the constant reaffirmations by this and that poll, dutifully reported in the Democratic propaganda outlets at the Times and Post. The never-ending dissection of the public's obvious dissatisfaction with all things Bush and Republican.

The interesting thing about Dr. Santy’s blog is the perspective she brings to any issue, that being, of course, the perspective of the mental health professional. One of her recurring memes is the fact the far-left fringe is mentally ill. I believe it. Case in point: The moonbats are already making noises about election fraud, and it ain’t limited to one or two nutcases. The interesting thing is the moonbats aren’t waiting until after the election to claim fraud like they did in 2000 and 2004. Nope…they’ve learned at least one thing from Dubya: pre-emption. Dr. Santy has links…lotsa links!

Flirting with the freeze…It was 34 degrees out when I woke up this morning, and the furnace has been kicking on and off all morning. It’s gonna get down to 32 this evening, supposedly. Ah, winter approaches. Or what passes for winter in these parts. Which, as you may know, is alright with me! Now, all that said, it does get cold here. Today’s Pic provides visible proof. Christmas Day, 2002.


  1. What's that white stuff all over the ground?

    A/C is still running here.

  2. If you were living in Florida, like your more civilized friends, you would not be exposed to those cold days. What is that white stuff.

  3. "That white stuff" is what breaks up the monotony. Woohoo! Getting ready for the first snowball fight. ;) The autumn leaves are past their peak, there is that crisp scent in the air, and that distinctive sound of the dry leaves crunching under foot. Yep, the white stuff is just around the corner. Something funny though today, it was a nice day, near 60 I think, but cloudy and grey. This new receptionist at work kept saying stuff like how she has to hurry home before it snows. Like, it was nowhere close to being cold enough to snow today. It was just odd.

  4. " If you are a satanist or pagan in prison in Great Britain — you get Halloween off."

    I find that fairly interesting. Here in America, most "Christians" celebrate Halloween. I find it amazing how Pagan rituals were mixed with Christian rites to get the odd holidays we have today - like Easter bunnies and Christmas trees. I once went to an Indian festival at the Taos Pueblo. It was called St. Geronimo Day. It was filled with all sorts of Pagan rituals to assure a good and bountiful harvest and blessings from different spirits. I kept wondering why the Taos Indians would celebrate Geronimo. Then I found it was actually St. Jerome Day - a Catholic celebration! Whatever - it was fun.

  5. Re: "White Stuff." It WAS Christmas Day, after all. I'm tempted to assume my Bing Crosby persona and give you three choruses, but Hey! This is print... Just visualize it.

    Dan said: If you were living in Florida, like your more civilized friends...
    I'd have to replace my roof every three or four years, pay high home owners insurance rates, and get REAL familiar with those evacuation routes, now, wouldn't I? :-)

    Well said about snow, Laurie. But: I'm closer to Dan and Becky on the subject of snow than I am to you. As you well know: I've got the tee shirt. Got rid of the parka, tho.

    Lou: St. Geronimo Day sounds like Big Fun! A lot of those pagan rituals can be (are) fun! One of my BIG regrets and lost opportunities in life was failing to go down to Stonehenge during the three years I lived in England for the celebration of the Spring Solstice. Real Druids hold a small ceremony there, and the "rest of us" celebrate in various other ways. I missed a real party! I've seen pictures... :-)

  6. That's only what you read in the media. I replaced my roof this year because it was worn out (over 25 years old), I have never evacuated, and my insurance is not outrageous. Of course I live more than 700 feet fron the bay and am not in a flood zone. If you build on a beach sooner or later the ocean will take your house back.


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