Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday Afternoon...

YNetNews.com reports Iran tells Hezbollah to back off. Impossible to tell if this is speculation or just plain rumor. Interesting, though.

And speaking of Iran and Hezbollah…those rockets Hezbollah has been lobbing at Haifa and other points inside Israel? They come from Iran, and they’ve been coming into Lebanon for quite a while. Details here. Austin Bay has more on the subject.

This is interestingMajor Y, an Israeli Air Force F-16 pilot, tells us what it’s like to fly missions against Hezbollah.

Speaking of that war…The left has been sucking up the news reports from the BBC and Reuters (civilians! women and children!) about Lebanon and whining about Israel “destroying Lebanon,” “devastating Lebanon’s economy/infrastructure,” and “targeting innocent civilians” in virtually every comment section of every political blog I’ve read in the past 48 hours. And, as is usually the case, they don’t know what the Hell they’re on about. Of course, if Lefties really wanted to understand Israel’s strategy in going after Hezbollah (e.g., battlespace preparation, classic supply-line interdiction), they’d go here. Or here. But…they don’t want to know. Facts are very inconvenient to their world view. Be that as it may, you can expect to see more than a few Lefties cite one of their favorite academics on the subject from now on. Or Noam Chomsky (spit).

Let’s revisit why the Left is silent about Israel:

Fact is, we’ve got some emergencies of our own going on over HERE at this particular time. I FEEL for Israel, I really DO. But I am feeling MUCH more sympathy for my fellow Americans who are being mercilessly victimized by outsourcing and corporate monopolies; the lack of healthcare; a war of our OWN being waged in the Middle East; threats to our OWN country by North Korea; falling wages due to threats to our sovereignty by our Southern neighbor; rising gasoline prices; and political scandals and corruption of a level never before seen in our country. So please FORGIVE ME if I appear to be a bit frigging NUMB to the plight of another country in a far off land at this particular time.

A self-described “another drunken RANT” from The Gun Toting Liberal. It’s actually pretty amusing, in that droll, eye-rolling sort of way one is “amused” when reading Lefty rants. On the other hand, the “gun toting” bit is slightly alarming and just might be the first good reason I’ve ever heard for supporting gun control. Or not. When it comes to the balance of power and personal armaments, I'm certain the Right out-guns the Left. Just sayin’. With tongue in cheek.


  1. Great stuff, Buck. Thanks!

    That report was news to me. It sounded hopeful at the beginning, but I wasn't so sure after I read the whole thing.
    Here's sandmonkey's take on it. Some of the comments are interesting.
    Did you hear about the photos of the Israeli kids signing missiles and the uproar it's caused? Someone close to the area did some sleuthing and went to the original source. Turns out it was set up by an AP photographer. Israelis have little respect for AP news apparently. I wasn't aware of that, were you? (It's on sandmonkey's post as well - linked from Lisa's blog)
    Such times we live in! Video cell phones, instant internet access - everything moves so fast, truth and fiction alike. A whole new world of propaganda.

  2. I caught a little of ABC news last night. They made it sound like Isael was randomly bombing Lebonan. As little as I know about planes and technology, I know better than that.

    Anyway, great links - good info.

  3. Gosh, just when I thought Ihad spelled Israel correctly...

  4. Lock & load, baby.
    Happiness is a warm barrel.
    Forget the cologne, just use a dab of Hoppes #9.

    The third one is a Laurie original.

  5. Laurie sez: Forget the cologne, just use a dab of Hoppes #9.

    The third one is a Laurie original.

    I had to google the third one, Laurie. I get it!



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