Saturday, June 24, 2006

War Story: June 20, 1965

Skyraider ~VS~ MiG-17 (scroll down to mid-page for the story)

Wherein the prop-job pictured above bagged one of these

h/t: commenter sid at Lex’s place. You really ought to go over and check out Lex’s “toilet bomb” story. With pictures!

Yesterday was quite the relief, weather-wise. Our break from the high 90s – low 100s actually began Thursday, when the high was 90 degrees, or just about average. Yesterday was even better: the high was only 82. The morning was simply lovely – low 60s until around 1100, followed by mid-70s in the early afternoon. I found things to do outside! My AC unit didn’t kick on until after 1400, at which time El Casa Móvil De Pennington is in full sun. As in: broadside. And believe me, that full sun can add up to ten degrees to the indoor temperature, even with “limo-dark” thermal film on the west-facing windows. That’s a feature, not a bug, during the winter months…but in the summer? Ouch.

The break from the heat is supposed to continue today, in fact it’s 73 degrees and dead calm as I write. Perhaps I’ll go for an extended cruise somewhere…anywhere.

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