Sunday, June 25, 2006

Low Points

Ah, Sunday. The perigee of my blogging orbit, the nadir of blogging motivation. I’ve noticed I’m not alone in this regard, to wit, Lex posted a couple of re-runs today (quite good, they are!). I considered doing the same, but did not, because my back-pages aren’t nearly as extensive as some, given I’m only in my eighth month of blogging. But if you want to delve into recent history, here’s a post I thought about last evening during the semi-monsoon that swept over P-Town. The connection to the cited post is only weather related, unfortunately. Driving rain coupled with balmy temps, and all that.

It’s not that I lack for blog fodder. I’ve spent the past hour or three making the usual rounds, and found that I’m just not in the mood for essays on the latest media outrage, essays on the war, or even the status of that Inside Tee-Ball story (see below), which is still in play. Even the Carnival of the Insanities left me cold, and that’s fairly unusual.

Now about that rain… As noted above, the rain was monsoon-like in its intensity. It rained so hard for a time I literally could not see across the street. Great sheets of water poured off the roof of El Casa Móvil De Pennington, and the sound of rain hammering my roof drowned (sorry!) out the tee-vee. Rain of this nature is a rare occurrence in some parts of the world; I think I was 18 or perhaps 19 years of age before I experienced rain of tropical intensity, and that was in Biloxi, Mississippi. I’ve since experienced deluges in other places, notably south-east Asia (Thailand and the Philippines), Japan (during a minor typhoon), and here on the High Plains. And I love it. That probably goes without saying, no?

I’ll leave you with this, which is way cool! Graphic illustrations of The Powers of Ten (both positive and negative), from those friendly physicists at CERN. (h/t: Rodger)

We’ll be back to normal in due time…


  1. I've been pretty dry lately. Well I was too busy there for a bit, and now I just can't seem to find any suitable material.

  2. Your blog is pretty specialized, Laurie, and I can see where you might have trouble finding suitable material that's germane to your topic on a daily basis.

    I've been thinking about taking Sundays off altogether of late, but haven't "jumped."


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