Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Late Start

This is getting old… I got up around 0730 this morning, put on the coffee, and sat down to check my mail. No internet connection. It’s now 0830 and still no ‘net. This may be a sad statement on my so-called-life, but I view my network connection the same way I view electricity: it’s a necessity. If anything drives me out of P-Town, it’ll be the intermittent nature of my network connection. (My connection came up at 0855—about enough time for the techies to have their coffee and then fix it.)

No reprieve from the heat today. Our high will be around 100 again. Yesterday I told you it rained for about four minutes. What I didn’t tell you was just how quickly that small amount of rain evaporated. We’ve been having a sort of unusual WX combination: high temps and moderately high winds, e.g., 25 mph, steady. When that small cloud drifted over and piddled on us yesterday, the rain evaporated almost as soon as it hit the ground. It was about 98 degrees with brisk winds at the time, so…there was no visible evidence of moisture anywhere ten minutes after the rain quit. It was semi-bizarre to observe.

Lileks has a new addition to his site: (Vintage) Bathing Beauties. The first installments feature period cuties in current-at-the-time bathing wear. The current offering of five high-quality photos begins in 1922, ends in 1940, and is captioned with prose that could only come from James. I do so love The Lileks!

This will be short, seeing as how I got a late start today in my usual turn around the ‘sphere and the news sites. Nothing really piqued my interest on memeorandum—maybe it’s just me, or maybe it really is a slow news day. It all just seemed like the same ol’, same ol’. Perhaps that’s a good thing.

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